Hard Cidermaking 101



I’m getting addicted to fermenting stuff.  Cider, why not!

This may be easier than wine.  Last weekend I bought 15 frozen apple juice concentrates and poured them into a 5 gallon carboy with some spring water.  My specific gravity measurement indicated that I would probably be making a 7%-8% hard cider.  After adding some yeast I threw on an airlock and moved it to my spare bedroom to start the fermentation. After a few days I carried the cider downstairs to continue fermenting in the cooler basement temperatures (about 57 degrees).

So far I’ve had no complaints of an apple fart smell.  I think this shit is supposed to sit on the yeast for a few weeks before it’s moved off to another clean carboy for conditioning.  When it’s done fermenting I’ll give it a taste and add some non-fermentable sweetener if needed.  After that we’re bottling this shit up, waiting for the carbonation and getting drunk.

2 Responses to “Hard Cidermaking 101”

  1. Certified Max Says:

    Dude, we need to have some real talk here. I’ve got knowledge jewels on the cidermaking front.

  2. MF Grocery Says:

    Yeah. I remember you talking about this before. I was going to do this the OG way with cider from a local orchard but it seemed like all of the shit I could find had preservatives. Def. get at me though.

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