Homebrewing 101



Seriously, who hasn’t wanted to make their own beer?  Over the last few months I’ve been really wanting to get into this and know relatively shit about it.  So last Christmas I got a gift certificate to a local homebrewing supply shop and The Brewmaster’s Bible.  After a few days I decided to dive in wallet first. I dropped a few bills and ended up getting a winemaking kit plus a few other items to allow me to make some beers.   The only think I didn’t have was a decent pot to boil all of this shit.  A week later I got my ballllin’ 20 quart All-Clad stockpot and I was ready to go.  Called my dude $50 Bill and we got to wreckin’ shit.

It’s been a few weeks and the beers are now bottled and building up some carbonation.  Finna try some of these hoes out this weekend.  Hopefully I don’t die.

2 Responses to “Homebrewing 101”

  1. Scott Says:

    If you haven’t heard of it, buy (or steal, who am I to judge) a copy of Charlie Papazian’s The Complete Joy Of Homebrewing. It’s what got me into homebrewing 15 years ago. Lots of recipes and interesting facts plus he makes all the beers sound so good.

  2. MF Grocery Says:

    I’ve been reading a lot from John Palmer, dude is the truth. He explains shit so well that anybody can do it. I’ll look into Charlie’s stuff- he comes up often when talking about homebrewing books but I have yet to check anything of his out.

    I’m going to be starting a mead really soon and will post a more in-depth review of the process.

    Thanks for stopping by!

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