Not Just for Guacamole



If you don’t have an ice cream maker may I suggest you to stop reading this boring post and take your ass to the store and purchase one.

I’ve been buying avocados recently in hopes of one day making some ice cream with them.  Everytime I bring some home they either sit around too long or my dog jumps onto our kitchen table and eats them (she has grown fond of eating bags of flour, too).  Anyway, I finally got around to attempt Alton Brown’s recipe over the weekend.

Based on recipe feedback on the foodtv site I decided to add a few extra ounces of avocado for flavor, 1/4 cup of honey and 2 oz. pistachios to the mix.  It just wasn’t enough.  The ice cream turned out a little bland but it was easily solved by drizzling extra honey and sprinkling more crushed pistachios on top.

I may have to take this recipe to the next level and make a mini taco salad shell from a deep-fried flour tortilla, add ice cream, drizzle it with honey, add more pistachios and dust it with cinnamon.

5 Responses to “Not Just for Guacamole”

  1. Mike 260000000 Says:

    Post pics of the ice cream or you’re soft… like some ice cream.

  2. MF Grocery Says:

    Bada bing!

  3. Heartburn Home Remedy Says:

    After reading the article, I just feel that I need more info. Could you suggest some resources ?

  4. Mayday Says:

    Use condensed milk instead of sugar. it will be sweeter and bring out the flavor in the avacado more with out being overly sugary.

  5. German Twohey Says:

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