Pilsner Urkel



I brewed my second batch of home brew with my homie $50 Bill on Saturday.  It’s a Pilsner Urquell clone but I’m calling it Pilsner Urkel, which is basically the best name ever for a beer.  When I get stupid drunk and do something really dumb all I have to say is “Did I do thaaaaat?” and everyone laugh’s because I’m drunk and talking like Urkel.

I think one of you design peoples should hook up a Pilsner Urkel beer label for me.  Don’t worry about charging me because I won’t pay for it.


Here’s a photo of that shit lagering in my basement refrigerator next to some koolickles.  I should have this kegged in the next week or so.


One Response to “Pilsner Urkel”

  1. shortzilla Says:

    yeah while you’re drinking this pilsner urkel and acting dumb, you need to be listening to silkk the shocker f. mystikal as well. up the ante a bit.

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