Koolickle Test – UPDATE



I just know these motherfuckers aren’t going to get any more red.  It’s been over 3 weeks and I have a feeling that a brine change is in order.

5 Responses to “Koolickle Test – UPDATE”

  1. Sandy Says:

    we had to slice them to get them to take the color….

  2. JT Says:

    … Now you see why I didn’t have the patience. Stick with it though… I still wanna sample. Especially since you went high-end and pimped it out with the Claussen. Mt. Olive is janky and that’s what we used… didn’t have enough pickle flavor.

  3. ch1d3th Says:

    hmm i didnt know sam adams made a scotch ale…

  4. nelly Says:

    Nelly released a new Apple Bottoms fragnance this september. Comments anyone? Apple bottom jeans

  5. Efren Appelbaum Says:

    Hi,what a damn good apple,thanks for sharing.I will get one like that.bill

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