The Meat House




A few months ago I was talking about things that I really want to do, such as:

1. Shoot someone with a submarine sandwich out of a potato gun.
2. Buy a shitty $200 car and do stupid shit to it like installing dual functioning toilet seat moonroofs and coffee can exhaust tips. After all of the abuse and it can hardly drive anymore, shoot the gas tank with a flaming arrow then drive it off a cliff hoping it explodes in mid-air.
3. Run down a steep gravel trail really fast then try to stop.
4. Pizza Burger
5. Brew my own beer.

Then my dude Shovel enters in the conversation with pics and details of the “Motherfucking Meat House“.

Here’s what he had to offer:

~20 sausages
12 rashers of bacon
1 kg of sausage meat
2/3 packet of bread crumbs
=5870 calories

The grass is sausage meat with food dye

the walk is bread crumbs

All he asks is that you play “Party Up” by DMX when you look at these pictures.


Seriously just look at that thing.  It’s absolutely amazing.  We’re still debating if that blue thing in the front yard is a meat bird bath, meat swimming pool or meat mailbox but whatever.  Oh the landscaping… It’s beautiful!

13 Responses to “The Meat House”

  1. Tim Says:

    This is my first time reading this blog. This post = instant bookmark.

  2. syd Says:

    That is the SHIT! Well done.

  3. MF Grocery Says:

    Shovel is definately that dude.

  4. raphael Says:

    Don’t forget about the meat ship!

  5. MF Grocery Says:

    I need to stress that I did not make this masterpiece. If you haven’t already seen the meat ship then do it now. Link in Raphael’s comment above.

  6. pitchblackson Says:

    2 things

    1. You got competition –
    2. Your blog is hilarious

  7. joel Says:

    Yes I can confirm that is a meat birdbath 🙂

    I’ve put a higher res version here so you can see the birdbath in detail :p

  8. MF Grocery Says:

    This thing is amazing. Major props.

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  11. Cura Says:

    cool picsxxx

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  13. Arletha Pfuhl Says:

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