I’m done.


The Big MacChicken sandwich got me all fucked up.  I need to take a few days off to figure some shit out.  Maybe I’ll come back and share some of the heathier shit I’ve been eating.


9 Responses to “I’m done.”

  1. bobliz Says:

    wow i just read your whole site, you are a beast. i’m impressed.

  2. Narinda Says:

    I know that you’ll bounce back from this. I believe.

  3. Phatty Says:

    No one wants to read about any healthy shit.

  4. MF Grocery Says:

    I know, neither do I. Shit is in the works for equally amazing/disgusting food stuffs. Stay tuned.

  5. Senor Fame Uno Says:

    it is time for smores nachos dude.

  6. Rudy McBagel Says:

    Mr GE Guy,Sir.

    You,Sir, are a hero.

    You’re the nemesis of angela from midtown lunch.

    May i sugest to your goodself perry,cider made from pears for your consideration for brewing.It will blow your,to coin a phrase,fucking nutz off.

  7. MF Grocery Says:

    I’ve been looking for a good perry recipe. Holler at me if you have one.

  8. yukon Says:

    absolutely gnarly…yeesh! I cant wait to see what comes up (hopefully not literally) we just had a buddy eat a whole tablespoon full of cinnamon…that was priceless, then trying to chug a corona after…u can only imagine

  9. funkybiznatch Says:

    my brother and i have been trying to mastermind a turducken inspired masterpieces — Macaroni & Cheese stuffed Fried Chicken — we’ve been failing. let me know if you figure out how to overcome the stuffing issues. our mac n cheese keeps coming out gnarly and separated.

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