The Koolickle Test – RESULTS


This thing was fucking horrible.


I picked the brightest one to feature here since the others maintained their color pretty well.   It just tasted like shit and maybe that’s what I get for using higher-end pickles than Justin (my sister-in-law’s boyfriend).  These bitches sat in the modified brine for over 4 weeks and this is what the inside looked like.


It wasn’t sweet or sour, just kind of blah.  The pickles absorbed nearly all of the color in the brine which leads me to believe that I didn’t use enough of the double-strength Kool-Aid.  Well, I’m going to try it again (purple this time) except with a gallon jar of pickles and add way more Kool-Aid and sugar.


19 Responses to “The Koolickle Test – RESULTS”

  1. theeecasualmale Says:

    “This thing was fucking horrible.”

    What a shocker that must have been to discover.

  2. MF Grocery Says:

    I actually was shocked. The other ones I’ve had were much better, they actually had the flavor and sweetness of red Kool-Aid with a touch of sourness.

  3. shortzilla Says:

    i think it was an osmosis thing. there still was plenty of salt in the half koolaid/half brine. the ratio needs to be adjusted. also maybe shaving a thin slice off the top or bottom (or both) of each of the pickles might help it take the color and flavor better. and faster. that was waaaay too long to wait for such a disappointing koolickle. justin’s were better, almost candy like. these tasted moldy.

  4. theeecasualmale Says:

    So who gets to drink the cherry pickle juice?

  5. MF Grocery Says:

    I’m going to make a cocktail with it.

  6. JT Says:

    Hmmm… I still want to try one of these. Who would’ve thought the cheaper pickles would work better? Not I. But, you can cop the glass jar of Mt. Olive pickles that I used at Dierbergs for around $7.

  7. Syd Says:

    I’m actually pleased to hear this. These nasty mother fuckers have been portrayed in the media (including the NY Times) as all the rage in Mississippi.

    I live in MS, and I’ve never seen them. Nor do I ever wish to.

  8. demosthenes.or.locke Says:

    You have to use the cheapest pickles available.

    PS the juice is good with vodka in a martini glass with a slice of koolickle garnish

  9. tyler Says:

    thats because you can’t make kool aid pickles from pickles. you have to use cucumbers and PICKLE them in the kool aid mixture. alton brown did this a while back on good eats, you should check out his recipe.

  10. Paticularian Says:

    You use regular common ordinary dill pickles, but cut them in half lengthwise so the modified brine has a chance to absorb into the pickle. Don’t use cucumbers, you need them already pickled. And yes, they are good. Mine have been in the Kool-aid brine for about 2 weeks and just keep getting better as more and more of the mixture seeps in. They are not, however for the Merlot crowd, tut-tut.

  11. digger nick Says:

    i think by “not for the merlot” crowd, i think he means it’s more for a nigger’s tastes.


  12. Dale Says:

    Making a “good” kool aid pickle is not as simple as it seems. Some are gross if not prepared with the right recipe. The best Ive tasted come from

  13. matt Says:

    Uhhhh… you do all realize you need to cut the pickle in half so it can release the original pickle brine, then absorb the sugar brine? They will come out much better regardless of the type of pickle used.

  14. matt Says:

    and don’t forget about the sugar!

  15. Duderino Says:

    Tyler’s wrong. Alton used a gallon jar of store bought pickles.

    Matt is right. You have to slice them in half first.

    Here’s a link to Alton’s recipe (transcript from the show):

  16. suthnpeach Says:

    I’m sorry eve though that nigger comment was made in 2008 who ever made it is a fucking idiot. If it was so horrible they wouldn’t have made mention on good eats or that asfalt show Alton was doing!! There are as many white kids as black that fuck with Kool Aid hince that commercials so get ur head out of ur ass n go eat some celery with peanut butter n raisins n call it an ant on a log BITCH

  17. Doodlebop Says:

    I hate it when silly ass fuckers try to bring race into everything. Narrow Minded Shit Kickers! Always messing the good times up.

  18. Calig Says:

    I just had one of these at my local farmers market and it was fantastic! I bought a couple more to bring home. One of them is the seller’s experimental mystery flavor. It’s a creepy green blue color perfect for Halloween!

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