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All Grain Homebrewing #1

March 25, 2008


I made the jump to all-grain brewing this weekend.  So far I’ve brewed 2 batches of beer (American Wheat from Homebrewing 101 and Pilsner Urkel) using extract kits and decided to take my shit to the next level and actually do all of the work from scratch myself.  Homies DBlue and Shojonz came over on Saturday and we cooked up 10 gallons of Southern English Brown Ale.  If you don’t give a shit about how you can make beer like the breweries at the convenience of your own home than jump to one of Serg’s posts about bacon dogs or deep-fried pancakes, they are way more entertaining. (more…)


Deep Fried Pancakes

March 21, 2008


I finally got my hands on some Batter Blaster. When the internet first told me about this shit I couldn’t believe it, fucking pancake batter in a bottle. This shit is fucking organic too! I copped it at Whole Foods, they keep them in the refrigeration aisle. Batter Blaster is cute cause you get to shoot it on the pan but that’s for kids. I wanted to spray this shit in my deep fryer for some real magic. These are the results. (more…)

Red Hot Riplets

March 21, 2008


You may have heard Murphy Lee and the St. Lunatics rapping about these shits from Old Vienna.  If not, get learned. (more…)

Your Hummus Sucks

March 20, 2008


A few years ago my employer held a cocktail hour at Mihalis Chophouse.  The event took place immediately after one of our big company events and it was supposed to be a show of gratitude for all of the hard work we put in that year.  So I stood around drinking free cognacs for a while and noticed some of the employees grazing on appetizers.  After a quick look at the menu I ordered the hummus plate because I wasn’t paying for shit. (more…)

100,000 Hits!

March 20, 2008

Wow.  When I started this blog I figured there’d be like 12 or 13 hits by now.  It’s been a week since I have posted anything and I feel like such a lazy shit.  Go ahead and tell me how pissed off you are in the comments section below.

What do we have coming up you may ask?  Well, Sarah and I went out to Global Foods Market last weekend and bought a grip of weird foods  such as the German Tilsiter cheese that has been stinking up my place the past few days (Max- they had Twiglets too).  I promise to get off my ass and actually post some of the crap I’ve been fucking with later tonight.

Tell those other dudes on here (looking at you Mike 2600000 TheeeeeeeCasual Male) to post some shit too.  I’m still waiting on the epic Capri Sun Challenge review.


Bacon Taco

March 17, 2008

I just got home from SXSW last night but sunday morning I woke up feeling like death. I had to battle though because Sabbath In The Park was going down. Breakfast tacos were the best way to get some strength so we stopped at the Torchy’s Tacos truck on South First in Austin for some. I decided I wanted an only bacon taco and that’s what I got. (more…)

Mammer Jammer

March 12, 2008


Fucking A. If you live in St. Louis and don’t suck then you’ve probably been to Mammer Jammer.  Right around the corner from Natural Bridge and Kingshighway, this spot has been killin’ the St. Louis cheese steak game for years. (more…)

South Philly Love Child

March 10, 2008

Love Child

Two of Philadelphia’s best consummated their greasy lust this past Sunday afternoon.  The “Love Child”, as I’m calling it, consisted of 2 Lorenzo’s slices humping a Tony Luke’s chicken cutlet with broccoli rabe. The result, a few unbridled moments of sheer joy, resulting in an afternoon of heartburn.  


Kornet Pizza Cones

March 10, 2008

Oak Park Mall in suburban Kansas City was sort of blessed with the only Kornet Pizza franchise in America. We went to the food court on assignment for my dude Grocery. I say this because I hate this mall with a passion. The food court is pretty much the same since I was there a couple of years ago. They have a Panda Express, some sort of cheese steak and potato stand, a Subway (coming soon!), and a Sonic. All of these places were busy with hungry Friday afternoon shoppers, while I was the only person within at least twenty feet of the Kornet counter. All the details and pictures after the jump.


Open Mic on FM 104 in Dublin

March 9, 2008

Thanks to the Open Mic show for having me on as a guest tonight.  It was my first media interview for Grocery Eats.  Big tings.   Check out FM 104’s website here.

As always we’d love to hear from you, our readers.  If you have any review recommendations or original concoctions with good quality pictures send them to  If they don’t suck we’ll post’em up here.

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