Meanwhile in Minneapolis, my homie King Otto hosted a BYOSTF (Bring Your Own Stuff to Fry) party last weekend and I gotta say it was a success. People brought a good mixture of standard fryable items (chicken, pork, cheese curds, so many shrimp) as well as a few nice surpises (strawberries, Oreos (standard at the Minnesota State Fair but I’d never had them before) and broccoli, which I’ve never seen fried before). Holler at these photographs. 

Some seasoning getting mixed up:


Walleye nuggets fresh up out the fryer:

Cracker with brie and fried walleye… I think I moved up a tax bracket after eating this fancy ass hors d’œuvre.

Fried cheese curds = yes we live in Minnesota.

OK this wasn’t fried but it was assembled and enjoyed at the party:

Chicken wangs:

Some sliced poke cubes. Someone made a nice cayenne pepper / flour coating for these and someone else brought a spicy sweet & sour sauce for it. Killer combo:

Fried Oreo. Game over. Everyone who reads this blog needs to try this on the real.

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12 Responses to “BYOSTF”

  1. kk Says:

    Damn……I missed the oreos? Looks like we gotta do another BYOSTF.

  2. MF Grocery Says:

    Haha! It’s a movement.

    I always thought it was “Bring Your Own Shit To Fry”. We’re gonna do this real big here in STL.

    Your state fair is amazing. I had Teriyaki Ostrich on a stick. Maybe I’ll post up all the photos of items on a stick later this week.

  3. theeecasualmale Says:

    Fried shit? Never that son. Fried STUFF. Yeah man, teach your readers about foods on sticks! Maybe by the time Labor Day 2008 rolls around, you’ll be a sponsored blogger and will be able to come out here to write “Tide and Hewlett-Packard Presents ‘Grocery’s Review of the Minnesota State Fair'”

  4. Lee Says:

    Hot damn! How were the DF Strawberries and broccoli?

  5. theeecasualmale Says:

    Strawberries were pretty damn good. We used the same batter as we did on the Oreos, which is essentially funnel cake. A little curly-que of Redi-Whip on top and it was like a bite-sized strawberry shortcake. Recommended.

    The broccoli was done up in a light batter with maybe cayenne pepper or something else slightly seasoned thrown in for taste. It was similar to tempura. Not my favorite thing we made, but I’d do it again.


  6. SergDun Says:

    dog you need to deep fry a burrito, but with batter so it’s not really a chimichanga

    there was a taqueria in Phx that would deep fry anything on the menu, shit was the truth.

  7. theeecasualmale Says:

    Now that we kinda know the ropes, I bet next party will get even wilder with the marvelous shit we cook up. Hoagies, omelettes, chocolate cake, waffles, pizza, it’s gonna be ON.

  8. Certified Max Says:

    “Tide and Hewlett-Packard Presents ‘Grocery’s Review of the Minnesota State Fair’”

    If this happens, and Grocery will allow me, I would fly out to be his sidekick.

  9. MF Grocery Says:

    Absolutely. Max- you need to get down with us. I just emailed you.

  10. R. A. Spooner Says:

    Tell OT to hit me up next time – I will get on a plane from the 206 (Seattle) post haste!

  11. dulusch Says:

    yea i live in MN and the taste of minnesota has the deep fried Twinkie try that out its the bomb

  12. Tomiko Mccammack Says:

    Thanks for sharing, i am heading over to check out your entire site now. Thanks

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