Chinese Bakeries



Find one in your area right now.  Do it for the bacon roll (pictured above).

It’s been a while (10 years or so) since I’ve eaten Chinese baked goods.  We used to always have something boxed up in the kitchen of China Wok, my old employer, to munch on while I was sitting outside your job waiting for your bitchmade self to give me a 50 cent tip and blame it on the guy from accounting.

So reminiscing on the old days, Sarah and I stopped by Wei Hong Bakery (contact info below) a few weeks ago and was greeted by a line trailing nearly outside the door.  Once inside the aroma of dopeness filled the space.  Three large cases, two tables and 3 freezers proudly displayed their products.  We opted for the following:

Butter hookup:


Some coconut jawn:


Part of another coconut one cause I ate the other half.


Yes, that’s a hot dog.


(not pictured: the banging as fuck beef curry and bbq pork buns- obviously they didn’t make it home.)

I have no idea what these things are called so deal with it.  Regardless, shits were cheap.  I want to say each item was under $0.75 so we got a gang of ’em.   Next time you are fiending for a doughnut or bagel, switch it up and go to your local Chinese bakery.

My spot:
Wei Hong Bakery
7740 Olive Blvd.
St. Louis, MO 63130
(314) 726-0360

5 Responses to “Chinese Bakeries”

  1. CeePee Says:

    always felt kinda mixed about them, theres one in the underground near my work, ill hit it up for a snack today and will hold you personally responsible if its no good.

  2. CeePee Says:

    ps redbean paste is overrated

  3. CP Says:

    Chinese bakery is the SHIZZZZZ hahaha. they have the weirdest combo’s but they taste so damn good.
    oh that part coconut one you’re talking about isn’t coconut, its just sweet topping, but the Chinese call it in direct trans “pineapple buns”.

  4. frank Says:

    Thats not a hotdog, thats a kolache(sp). Vietnamese/chinese bakeries sell them down here in se texas/louisiana.

  5. 150cc mopeds Says:

    That was a good read,You discover new stuff every day.

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