Welcome Theee e e e Casual Male!



Dude knows about everything.  He introduced me to the Jucy Lucy and a shit ton of other dope spots around the US.  He’s a graphic design nerd so if you want shit drawned holler at his company, Burlesque Design.

Homie also runs the snackattackblog which makes sense because motherfucker is always snacking on something.  I expect to see some crazy juice machine recipes in addition to other random food finds and creations from the Twin Cities area.

 Welcome aboard!

3 Responses to “Welcome Theee e e e Casual Male!”

  1. Clare Roberson Says:


  2. young cutty Says:

    ask dude if he had any “white chocolate reeses'” before

  3. Virginia Mcdaniel Says:

    Nice post. I have one question. If I was going to start a website what would be your best piece of advice for me? Your site seems like it does well. Do you have any advice for me?

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