Kornet Pizza Cones


Oak Park Mall in suburban Kansas City was sort of blessed with the only Kornet Pizza franchise in America. We went to the food court on assignment for my dude Grocery. I say this because I hate this mall with a passion. The food court is pretty much the same since I was there a couple of years ago. They have a Panda Express, some sort of cheese steak and potato stand, a Subway (coming soon!), and a Sonic. All of these places were busy with hungry Friday afternoon shoppers, while I was the only person within at least twenty feet of the Kornet counter. All the details and pictures after the jump.

I can say one thing for Kornet Pizza: their staff is very friendly. They practically treated me like a regular. The fact that anyone was buying a pizza cone seemed to be a novelty to them. I ordered a veggie cone and the dude told me that he was going to “make one fresh for me if I had a couple minutes.” I looked at the cones that had been tanning underneath a heatlamp for awhile and decided that it would be in my best interest to go fresh. Each cone ranges from $3.99 to the five dollar range. I sat down and he called me out after about five or six minutes when it was ready.

The cone comes in some sort of modified tissue box. Taking the cone out, I was surprised at the lack of grease or “leakage.” That was before the first bite.

I would say that the pizza cone was 3/4 full of just mozzarella cheese. I didn’t reach sauce until about halfway into the cone. Not that an edible cup of melted cheese is a bad thing, the distribution of ingredients just seemed sort of off.

Then the cheese started to ooze. The consistency seemed a little off. I had to actually pull some of the cheese out because I realized that I was chewing on these insane bites of cheese like it was bubble gum and it was very disconcerting.

I think they were going for a thin crust, but it’s pretty bland and has the consistency of a saltine cracker, which doesn’t help in controlling the contents much. You could go to the Sbarro in the food court and wrap a slice up and have more success, and pizza, than at Kornet.

I gave up towards the end. I wouldn’t say that the pizza cone is awful. It was an interesting novelty food item, but I’m not sure how long the novelty can last. For me it was after about two bites. The staff is friendly and made a fresh cone for me, so I’m rooting for them. Otherwise, you can find me back at the Oak Park Mall food court in two more years, eating a SuperSonic cheeseburger and and a cherry limeade instead of pizza in a cone.

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20 Responses to “Kornet Pizza Cones”

  1. say wha Says:

    Maybe he should have picked up another flannel shirt when he was at the mall. “wass sappening”

  2. theeecasualmale Says:

    That’s just terrible. I’d rather roll up a Sbarro slice. Can’t they at least put this thing on a stick and deep fry it?

  3. MF Grocery Says:

    Pizza-in-a-Cup franchises are where it’s at.

    I have to say that proper distribution of ingredients is key. Sucks they couldn’t get it right.

  4. MF Grocery Says:

    Wait, you bought a veggie cone? No wonder it sucked.

  5. newwavegabe Says:

    that’s possible. but there was a serious lack of toppings in the cone too. i don’t think it would’ve mattered much, anyway.

    say wha: my flannel shirt game is already on point. i didn’t need one from the mall.

  6. theeecasualmale Says:

    I think it needs a wedge of crust going down the middle to cut up the cheese… or a wedge of ham.

  7. MF Grocery Says:

    ^what he said.

  8. SergDun Says:

    those motherfuckers need to scrap their shitty business model and start putting pizza in bacon cups. That is a real plan for success.

  9. MF Grocery Says:

    Serg- I’m doing that shit tonight. YES!

  10. Nichole Says:

    I think your mother didn’t teach you how to eat properly because my 19 month old loves the pizzas in a cone and eats them by himself without making any sort of mess. To all parents, I highly recommend the kids sized pizzas for any age of kid. By the way, what Sbarro are you talking about, because there is not Sbarro in the food court at Oak Park Mall.

  11. Big Bro Says:

    Oh SNAP!

  12. newwavegabe Says:


    You’re right. My mother didn’t teach me how to eat pizza shaped like a cone properly.

    And you’re also right about the Sbarro. I just said that I’d PREFER a Sbarro-sized slice in conic form because it would be bigger.

    I didn’t shit on Kornet entirely. I wasn’t repulsed. Just wasn’t my thing. Matter of opinion.

  13. MF Grocery Says:

    I still want to try one.

  14. Rachael Says:

    I’ve tried Kornet Pizza at Oak Park Mall and the one in Istanbul, TURKEY and every experience has been a good one. Both Kornets used fresh ingredients… maybe the kornet leaks a little bit but it’s not the greasy mess that the other pizza places have. I have a 2 year old that can finish off a bambini kornet without making the mess this guy has! It looks like he smashed it with his foot or something! I would urge everyone to go and try it for themselves… everyone I know loves it!

  15. john seip Says:

    nichole and rachel do you own stocks in the company. kids love to eat anything. just wonder why a 2 years old kids have no problems with the cone but adults do. strange thing happen in KS

  16. Maria Says:

    Rachel, Why in the name of the lord did you eat a cone pizza in Turkey?

    Couldn´t you find anything new to try? 🙂

    By the way: nice blog.
    Cheers from Brazil

  17. Kelly Says:

    This guy must be an extremely picky eater! I ate here today for the first time and I’m ready to go back for dinner. My 6 year old son had no problems polishing off his pepperoni pizza cone. I think the reviewer must have mushed it before he took a picture. Kornet Pizza is DELICIOUS!! I would go here again in a heartbeat. It’s way better than the other pizza place in the mall!

  18. Prine Says:

    Alright, this is getting fishy now

  19. Cees Says:

    I’d try one. Do they have anchovis?

  20. my blog Says:

    check this out…

    this is mine…

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