South Philly Love Child


Love Child

Two of Philadelphia’s best consummated their greasy lust this past Sunday afternoon.  The “Love Child”, as I’m calling it, consisted of 2 Lorenzo’s slices humping a Tony Luke’s chicken cutlet with broccoli rabe. The result, a few unbridled moments of sheer joy, resulting in an afternoon of heartburn.  

After spending a little time at the Italian Market in South Philly, I decided it was time to hit up my favorite pizza spot in the city, Lorenzo’s on South Street.  Lorenzo’s is known for it’s gigantic slices, long lines, no parmesan, no spices, no forks, and mostly – no toppings.  Despite what might be viewed by some as major setbacks, this place slangs slices by cutting their pies into quarters.   

Quarter Pie Slices   

About 30 blocks directly south of Lorenzo’s is Tony Luke’s. Everyone who is not from Philadelphia is all about cheesesteaks. After spending enough time in the city, I was turned on to the other great sandwiches and hoagies the city of brotherly love had to offer. Tony Luke’s has cheesesteaks, but everyone goes there for the roast pork and chicken cutlets. The chicken cutlet italian consists of several flat pounded and breaded chicken breasts, sharp provolone, and your choice of spinach or broccoli rabe served on a in-house baked hoagie roll. These things are heavenly, just be aware – if the garlic doesn’t get you, whole sweet peppers will.    


The rest is pretty self explanatory, after waiting about 15 minutes at each spot, the Love Child needed to be baked for about 10 minutes once assembled.  Note – The pictures are full sized dinner plates and a x-large pizza box – these things were huge. 



-matt brains 

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13 Responses to “South Philly Love Child”

  1. newwavegabe Says:

    this looks unbelievable. nice post!

  2. MF Grocery Says:


    That looks delicious. Was Coach involved in any way?

  3. Spoodles Says:

    Wow! I love Tony Luke’s (pork more than chicken, but either is amazing), and this looks heavenly!

  4. MF Grocery Says:

    Pizza and chicken patties are the new bread.

  5. The South Philly Love Child, y’all :: The Clog :: Blog Archive :: Philadelphia City Paper :: Philadelphia Arts, Restaurants, Music, Movies, Jobs, Classifieds, Blogs Says:

    […] of Philadelphia foods (see the Philly Taco and the General Tso’s Cheesesteak) — "The South Philly Love Child." That’d be a chicken cutlet with broccoli rabe from Tony Luke’s sandwiched between two Lorenzo’s […]

  6. yatesy Says:

    i love lorenzo’s with all my heart. nice job!!

  7. Corbin Says:

    On a similar note – try the South Street Challenge:
    Hit up Jim’s Steaks for a cheesesteak, walk across the street and wrap it inside a slice of Lorenzo’s, eat, and then die smiling.

  8. Angie O'Plasty Says:

    Why not just put it all in a blender?

  9. matt brains Says:

    Angie-because this thing tastes AYE-MAY-ZING

  10. bobliz Says:

    aw shit this motherfucker crazy

  11. Kazeljmj Says:

    Hi webmaster!

  12. Kelsey Says:

    Ugh, thats not a South Philly Love Child…

    1) Lorenzo’s is a tourist trap, there pizza tastes like the pizza they served us in all philly public schools every friday.
    2) Tony Luke’s chicken does not compare to their pork. Which should be used instead. however still an f-ing tourist trap.
    3) No one in philly puts veggies on anything unless there veg or vegan. We use cheeze wiz as veggies here.

    Rename- Tourist trap took a crap

    – Enjoy

  13. herbalecstacy Says:

    Hi all, i just came here after a quick google search. Neat website you got here! Keep it up!

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