100,000 Hits!


Wow.  When I started this blog I figured there’d be like 12 or 13 hits by now.  It’s been a week since I have posted anything and I feel like such a lazy shit.  Go ahead and tell me how pissed off you are in the comments section below.

What do we have coming up you may ask?  Well, Sarah and I went out to Global Foods Market last weekend and bought a grip of weird foods  such as the German Tilsiter cheese that has been stinking up my place the past few days (Max- they had Twiglets too).  I promise to get off my ass and actually post some of the crap I’ve been fucking with later tonight.

Tell those other dudes on here (looking at you Mike 2600000 TheeeeeeeCasual Male) to post some shit too.  I’m still waiting on the epic Capri Sun Challenge review.


14 Responses to “100,000 Hits!”

  1. demosthenes.or.locke Says:

    I”m waiting to see the bacon vodka get drunk up

  2. Chikara Says:

    Check yo blog from Osaka. If you need some food from here, Let me know!


  3. yukonthegreat Says:

    still waiting to see what ya think of sweetie pies…wear elastic pants, they fuckin help go ape shit when you get there, I did and had a blast

  4. Hillary Thomas Says:

    I want to see stuff. Not that a bacon taco wasn’t interesting. But I’m from Austin, so, that’s nothing new.

    Hop to it!

  5. yurp Says:

    yessss more post

  6. Eric Appel Says:

    Upon finding this blog, it immediately became a favorite that I checked every day. This past week or so has been fucking torture…but I ain’t gave up just yet. Go deep fry something, quick!

  7. Chilly Says:

    The old Long John Silver’s at Kingshighway and Oleatha is now an Asian Bakery/Cafe. Noticed that today and instantly thought there needs to be a Pepsi Challenge between this place and Wei Hong.

  8. Ryan B Says:

    It’s just given us all time to take a look back and pause.
    How’s the Coolickles shapen up?

  9. MF Grocery Says:

    I just took a look at the pickles and the motherfuckers are still green. That shit is wack. The juice looked oil-like when I dunked those hoes and now it’s practically transparent.

  10. sergdun Says:

    Man I just bought some Batter Blaster, finna do this shit up proper

  11. MF Grocery Says:

    Chikara- you are the fucking man. We have been talking about coming back when our little dude is old enough to take the flight. I need some green tea kit kats like nothing else. Oh, I forgot to tell you that people who don’t fuck with spicy eyedrops get the dilz. Holler at me for whatever you need here cause I got you. Peace homie!

  12. newwavegabe Says:

    congrats, duuudde.

  13. JT Says:

    Grocery, how many times Sandy gotta tell you?!

    Slice them ma’fuckin pickles like a hot-dog bun otherwise they’ll never turn. They are resilient and won’t respect you until you show them that you’ll cut ’em when they cross you! 😛

    We’ll see you Sunday. Bring your notepad, we’ll get this Koolickle thing jumpin off proper.

  14. Mike Rundle Says:

    Well, no wonder, your site is the fucking shit. Now stop being a wimp and go get a garbage plate up in Rochester, NY before you start getting too comfortable with your manlitude. That’s manliness and attitude pushed together cause I know you’ll appreciate it.

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