Red Hot Riplets



You may have heard Murphy Lee and the St. Lunatics rapping about these shits from Old Vienna.  If not, get learned.

I started up a potato chip exchange on a message board I frequent just because of these chips.  I felt the need to spread the wealth across the globe.  In return I got some really dope chips from all over the place (durian ones are on their way from Thailand).

Wondering what makes these so damn good?  They are fucking hot and have a sweet and smokeyness to them.  I don’t know what else to say.  I shouldn’t even be writing about food because I’m horrible at reviewing shit.  All I know is that these are pretty hard to find outside of St. Louis and Old Vienna only makes this one kind of chip… or so I thought.


I found these bitches at Global Foods Market.  Sure half of the bags on the shelves were past their expiration date but I got these and they had a few weeks left on’em.  So far I’ve opened the cheesy ones and they are alright but I’ve never really been a fan of chips with cheese powder on them.  The few that I had didn’t seem to have the same heat as regular Red Hot Riplets so I was kinda pissed.

Going through the shelves I also found this beauty:


Seriously.  I have no idea how I ever missed a hot sauce from the best potato chips on the planet.  They must only make 4 or 5 bottles a year because I have never seen these in any of the supermarkets.  Next time I smoke a pork shoulder rest assured that I will be liberally applying some of this shit on it.

So holler if you want to send me some of your local potato chips.  The only thing I’ve had that can hang with these dudes, so far, is from Tim’s Cascade.  Tim gets a lifetime pass for his amazing Maui Sweet Onion and Alder Smoke joints, both of which you can order on their site so make sure you pick up a few bags.

EDIT: I just checked Tim’s site and sadly the alder hookups were no where to be found.



36 Responses to “Red Hot Riplets”

  1. newwavegabe Says:

    I will paypal you $ for some of these + s&h. holler at me. redhots and cheesy redhots sound amazing.

  2. MF Grocery Says:

    Ship me a pizza cone and we’ll call it even.

  3. JT Says:

    Yo, they also make at least one other kind of chip. I saw it today when I went to Amighettis’ Hazelwood locale. It’s some sort of Honey BBQ joint or something. I didn’t pay much attention cause lets face it… who gives a fuck about chips when you’re about to smash an Amighettis Special?

    If you must… go to the Amighettis on the Hill. Hazelwood is good but, it just ain’t as good. The ingredients tasted much fresher on the Hill. Always gotta go with the original if you want the best…

  4. JT Says:

    Scratch that last comment… I completed skipped the “or so I thought”.

    … Must be time for another 5 hr energy. Stay away from them things, they are legalized liquid crack in a bottle. I NEED ANOTHER FIX!

  5. Tito Blanco Says:

    Have you seen the Burger King chips? They sell ’em at convenient stores ’round here.

  6. CeePee Says:

    Those burgerking chips are crazy.
    I love me some Ripplets.
    I saw some weirdo shits the other day ive gotta send you.
    I know i sent you ms vickies (variety of tasty flavors) and ketchup and dill pickle but did i ever send you the roast chicken or poutine flavored ones? I cant remember…

  7. MF Grocery Says:

    No poutine or roasted chicken ones. My fav was the all dressed hookups.

  8. Winfredtp Says:

    thats for sure, guy

  9. newwavegabe Says:

    grocery, do you get zapp’s in stl?

  10. runningbyrd Says:

    Tim’s cascade Maui Sweet Onion are the bomb. I had them for the first time while visiting the washington coast. I brought some to GA for my mother and she had me shipping them from WA to her in GA and to my aunt in ohio.

    I’m a little concerned about those burger king chips.

  11. Courtney Says:

    This inspired me to look up local potato chip makers and, apparently, there’s some sort of bad-ass handmade chip company out here in Orange County called “Rusty’s.” I might have to find a place that sells them and, if I do, I will totally send you a bag.

  12. MF Grocery Says:

    YES! Thanks for reminding me to get some shit out in the mail.

  13. Mark Says:

    Holy shit, I work at Global Foods! A lot of our shit IS expired… I don’t know why.

  14. MF Grocery Says:


    What the hell ever happened to KAS potato chips. They used to come in brown plastic twin packs. I loved them rippled barbeque shits when I was growing up.

  15. cwolford Says:

    I read this site all the time but never post anything, but when it comes to these Ripplets I had to say something. These things are a fuckin addiction! Our vending machines at work have them and I eat them everyday….well almost. I damn near beat down bitch for taking the last bag the other day. There is only one way to rock these chips: Get you a turkey sandwich with extra mayo (MAYO, not miracle whip bullshit), cheese, and white bread. Take a double bite of the sandwich and chew about three times….then throw a couple of these chips in and mash it all together. MOTHERFUCKIN MAGIC!!!! putting the chips on the sandwich doesn’t work.

  16. MF Grocery Says:

    What up Chad! Get that fucking airbrush cause I need your skills up on my kegerator.

    Ya’ll need to get learned on my boy here. Dude’s art game is so focused with pigs on motorcycles and shit for Harley Davidson. He does freelance so holler at him here:

  17. dole Says:

    sorry to comment on this older post, but being a red hot riplet connoisseur, hot diggitys (and their tougher brethren, hot corn) always deserve an honorable mention. between riplets, hot diggetys, and frito-lays flamin hot chips and fries, i gave myself ulcers and had to stop eating an entire bag before bed.

  18. Dj Donna Summer Says:

    Word up on Zaps!!!

    The very words “Cajun Crawtators” (YES – Crawfish flavored potato chips) make my mouth water like a Pavlovian dog.

  19. chicagoboynaz Says:

    Yeah, yeah yeah, Red hots are the shiznit!!!!!! Just ordered me a case of these and that Hot corn that old vienna makes.. Just rediculous. Grew up on these and have had cravings for years… Did a Midwest tour and went back to East Boogie (East St Louis for those who don’t know) for the summer and got readdicted… now Im paying more for shipping than the damn chips cost…..get some….

    Thank you for your interest in purchasing our Red Hot Riplets. Below is a chart that lists the prices for each case of Red Hot Riplets, which are available in four different sizes. We have also listed some of our other popular products that may interest you.

    Please understand that we only accept money orders or cashiers checks. We do not accept personal checks or credit cards.

    We do not send the product until we have received the payment. If we receive the payment Monday – Thursday the product is shipped out the same day. If we receive the payment on a Friday then we cannot ship the product out until Monday morning. The whole process takes about five – seven business days.

    Please choose which product and bag size you wish to order. The overall total for is for one case only. If you would like more than one case please send the overall total amount for each case.

    Also please make sure when sending the payment, you attach a letter stating the product type, the bag size, and how many cases you are ordering. As well as a legible address where we are to send the product. We cannot send product to PO boxes.

    Please send payments to:


    345 S. Old Highway 141

    Fenton, MO. 63026

    At any time that you may have any questions you may contact us at (636) 343-3050 or via email at

    Pricing for shipping product to zip code 85239:

    Bags per Case
    Weight per Case
    Case Cost (Including Tax)
    S/H Fee
    Overall Total

    Red Hot Riplets
    14 oz.
    10 lbs.

    Red Hot Riplets
    6 oz.
    8 lbs.

    Red Hot Riplets
    4 oz.
    8 lbs.

    Red Hot Riplets
    1 oz.
    7 lbs.

    Hot Sundance Corn Chip
    5 oz.
    10 lbs.

    Hot Sundance Corn Chip
    1.25 oz.
    8 lbs.

    Hot Diggety’s
    3.5 oz.
    8 lbs.

    Hot Diggety’s
    1.5 oz.
    9 lbs.

    Hot Popcorn
    4 oz.
    8 lbs.

    Hot Popcorn
    1 oz.
    7 lbs.

    Hot Pork Skins
    2.5 oz.
    5 lbs

    Thank you,

    Elisha Cason

    Old Vienna LLC

  20. MF Grocery Says:

    Those corn chips are amazing.

  21. nancy Says:

    please send me some of those chips i can’t get home and i really miss those tasteing chips i use to come home all the time but nomore family there so we all had to move and i really miss going to the store on the way to school and buying them so email me back and we can talk about this shipping cost

  22. Krista Says:

    Yo, These are the best chips on the planet. We moved to Florida from the Lou back in 04 ‘ and since that time I haven’t had any chip better! I’m goin’ back in October to see my folks, and you can believe I’ll be bringin’ some back with me!

  23. ken Says:

    Nice. Looking up Old Vienna snacks and found the bathroom wall. What are you guys, about 10 years old? Cripes! Clean it up!

  24. SergDun Says:

    how about you pull your panties up and stop getting scared of a few four letter words.

  25. steve l Says:

    Red hot riplets and sundance corn chips are the best chips ever made home skilletts!!!! Every time I go home to the LOU(st. louis) I bring two cases of both back to da ATL with me. OLD VIENNA SNACKS make these joints. They are the shizzzzzznitttttt!!!!!

  26. Kelly Hunt Says:

    How can I get Old Vienna Hot Corn Chips online? Is there a website that I can order from?

  27. Matt Birk Says:

    Call to order:
    1 800 684 3050

    I work there, and that is your best way to order yourself a case or more.
    Or if you’re in the area, you can pick them up and not have to pay shipping and handling, or have to wait for them.

    The site is being built right now to allow online ordering in the near future.

    Or you can e-mail me questions:

  28. Alex Ha Says:

    …<3 Red Hot Riplets.

    Build that online ordering cart asap!
    I moved to Chicago and need my Red Hot Riplets!!!

  29. MRS. MCNEELY Says:

    Hi Elishanjust talked to you , you told me to email you my zip code. it is 77082. i would like to see if i could get some red hot riplet and sundance chips sent to me. thank you

  30. Matt Birk Says:

    Website should be up early April, with online ordering!!

    Keep checkin, will try to keep you posted when complete…it’s coming along nicely!

  31. Rosalyna Tidwell Says:

    Hi I’m from California and I been down to East St. Louis about three times and I had tasted your Sundance barbecue corn chips. I’m wondering if you guys still sell them I’m have been trying to have my husband family send some down here to me and I’m not sure if you guys still sell those paticular corn chips any more. Please reply I miss those chips I’m not a fan of the hot chips like my husband. I hope you guys still sell them please reply so we can order them asap.

  32. cikcik Says:

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  33. flip Says:

    this is nonsense! there are 3 food items i religiously partake in every time i get home to st. louis: red hot riplets, sundance chips (red hot corn chips) and cecil whittaker’s pizza (eff imo’s). i’ve been asking people to send me any of the three forever. just found out that old vienna now ships where ever. unfortunately it’s $66 for shipping to l.a., even if im getting just one case for $14. that’s a 75% markup to send me a box filled mostly with air! i’m very depressed. if the shipping was more reasonable I would have it set up for automatic deduction every month to keep them coming. no bueno old vienna!!!

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