Lots of shit going on


My computer broke.  Deal with it.  I promise to get an update to you before the weekend and then I’ll be posting up in Minneapolis this weekend talking about Jucy Lucys and other dumb shit that I’m going to get into with the homies Mike 2600 and Bitch Ass Darius.

If you’re in Minneapolis and wanna get crunk come out to Get Cryphy! on Friday night in the VIP Room of First Avenue where I’ll be blasting 504 Boyz at people with Plain Ole Bill and Jimmy Two Times.  This party has really grown into some shit you shouldn’t miss.  My goal is to get Bitch Ass Darius to do pushups on the dancefloor.

Or if you wear tight pants you can check me out at Too Much Love Saturday night at First Avenue in the main room with Soviet Panda playing lots of hipster shit for people with hairdos and spiked belts.



7 Responses to “Lots of shit going on”

  1. SergDun Says:

    man fuck the internets, let them cry for updates. The way I see it do shit on your time, fuck catering the needs of nerds just because they need a new link for their messageboard friends.

    I’m working on a trip to JollieBee for some filipino fast food monstrosity.

  2. Hillary Thomas Says:

    Glad you are ALIVE and sorry about the computer, dude.

    Looking forward to what you be cookin’!

  3. GreenLightJerky Says:

    Your jerky is in the mail G.

  4. JT Says:

    Do your thing. In the interim, you should throw up that Luther Burger Revisit I e-mailed you a month or so back. It was tasty delicious.

  5. dude Says:

    grocery you need to plug your blog on the flyers
    like everyone has (bullshit records – nyc) under their name?

  6. rich boi Says:

    eat sumthin weird and post pictures of it

  7. wedding caterers Says:

    I usually do not comment on blog posts but I found this quite interesting, so here goes. Thanks!

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