Chorizo Taco

Decided to get breakfast around noon today so I hollered at this chorizo taco from Taqueria El Patron. Starting the day with some grease took away the pain from putting away one to many Lagunitas. No gutwreck today, just one photo of greasy hangover food that taste good.

11 Responses to “Breakfast”

  1. Gus Cutty Says:

    that spots alright, check out chunkys round the corner on ofarell though, shit is super grease!

  2. SergDun Says:

    that spot on hyde? I’ve seen it but never hollered. I fuck with El Patron cause they got that free deliver. I think there are only two mexican spots in the city that do delivery. Sometimes when I’m hungover as fuck the greatest shit in the world is to have some dude bring a burrito to my door.

    I actually intended to go to Olivo’s over on larkin but they were closed.

  3. MF Grocery Says:

    New background.

  4. Gus Cutty Says:

    Chunkys on O’Farell between Larkin and Hyde, its to go only but its definately my favorite burrito spot in the loin. Never been to Olivios but Ima check it out…

  5. SergDun Says:

    olivio’s is has dope papusas. I recommend hollering at two pork and cheese ones and a bottle of Regia.

  6. Ed King Says:

    The grease won’t kill you. But watch out for those tomatoes.

  7. Gus Cutty Says:

    dunno man, pretty partial to the papusas at that spot on 18th and Capp

  8. dodger Says:

    ya’ll need to get up on more posts, or let DodgerSauce put you on some NorthEast Boston cuisine, church.

  9. Richardy Says:

    Hey, so like… how about a blog post or something. Maybe. just a thought

  10. dvdjamm Says:

    Olivo’s pupusas FTW!

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