Official Summer Eats: Crabfeast


The sodium content of my body is finally returning to normal after yesterday’s crabfeast.

You know it’s summer when you sit for 3-4 hours picking through crabs like a vulture. There’s something really amazing about sitting down with a group of friends and sharing a few dozen crabs and beers. Eating with your hands, the heat, the newspaper, it’s all very basic and primal. It’s funny to see the different methods everyone uses to extract the meat – everyone has a different style, a story about where they learned to pick crabs. For me, it’s one of the better food experiences out there.

Yesterday we hit up Bethesda Crab House – $35 all you can eat – about 10 minutes north of DC. Everyone was pretty pie eyed from the Dirty Bombs vs. Philadelphyinz party the night before and there might be no better cure for a hangover then more beer – especially when paired with crabs. Old Bay has some magical powers, after about 2 crabs I was feeling like a champion. After about 12 my lips were puckered, my hands were pruned and cut, but I was still going strong. 

Shouts to Meistro, DeepSang, and crew for the great idea. If you make it to the DC/Baltimore area during the summer you have to check out a crab house especially if you’ve never been…  Just don’t eat the lungs. 

10 Responses to “Official Summer Eats: Crabfeast”

  1. apt one Says:

    Oh god I’m sorry I missed that. Looks fucking amazing!

    btw brains – peep game – tso’s steak:

    tour 051

  2. skinny Says:

    i’m in next time.

  3. merl Says:

    what about the lungs?

  4. mattbrains Says:

    When I was little growing up in MD, people would tell kids that the lungs would kill you if you at them. They won’t kill you, just taste horrible and will make you pretty sick. It’s a great deterrent for kids.

    Seeing people eat crabs for the first time is pretty sketchy.

  5. MF Grocery Says:


  6. Shu Says:

    How are those crabs cooked?
    Over here in South-East Asia we have like a gazillion ways of cooking crabs. Most of them seem to involve lots of chilli, cream or black pepper.

  7. mattbrains Says:

    steamed, then topped with

  8. demosthenes.or.locke Says:

    I agree the lungs taste like shit but they’ve never made me sick.

    Maryland crabs or Louisiana crawfish…. always the question for me

  9. makr Says:

    I thought about my response for a while and all i have to say is fuck you fat asshole. I am jealous and hate

  10. Unconventional Science Says:

    Man Im born and raised in MD… I just ate a few dozen Jumbos with the Fam a week or so ago…. Nothing better in the whole world. Glad you got to get experience that.

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