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Tu Lan

September 28, 2008

6th and Mission, one of the worst blocks in the city. Dude burning up rocks at 11am while some lost tourist stares in pure shock. I’ve seen a broke ass pimp get stabbed on the corner. It’s just mainey as fuck and the city hasn’t been able to really do shit about it. The best thing about that block though is motherfucking Tu Lan. Easily the best hole in the wall Vietnamese joint in San Francisco. They have a health department score of like 92. Must have been a good day because the place is a fucking dump. At lunch you’re fucked trying to get a seat. But it’s cheap as fuck and goddamn is the food awesome. They have never done me wrong.  I went there for breakfast at 4 in the afternoon on saturday and hollered at some pork shish kebab and rice noodles. I’m trying to be healthy or something right now. Their crispy noodles are on some next shit too.

Pork Shish Kebab and Rice Noodles


Chili Cheese Dog Sandwich

September 14, 2008

Chili Cheese Dog Sandwich

On Friday I went to JB’s Place over in Potrero Hill. The menu said they made a chili cheese dog sandwich so I ate it. I tried to pick it up but that didn’t work out too well. Only thing about it that kind of sucked was the bread was tuff to eat after it got soggy. That shit needs to be a soft roll because ripping apart a sandwich full of chili cheese gets messy as fuck.

Saturday I went to Los Jarritos and ate some chilaquiles. They were really good. First time I’d been to this spot for breakfast but they were doing it hella proper. Chilaquiles are pretty much the best thing you can eat for breakfast. The best way to describe them is to think of breakfast nachos with eggs, sometimes meat. They are kind of like Migas but not really. Either way if you don’t know then get learned because they are the truth.