Chili Cheese Dog Sandwich


Chili Cheese Dog Sandwich

On Friday I went to JB’s Place over in Potrero Hill. The menu said they made a chili cheese dog sandwich so I ate it. I tried to pick it up but that didn’t work out too well. Only thing about it that kind of sucked was the bread was tuff to eat after it got soggy. That shit needs to be a soft roll because ripping apart a sandwich full of chili cheese gets messy as fuck.

Saturday I went to Los Jarritos and ate some chilaquiles. They were really good. First time I’d been to this spot for breakfast but they were doing it hella proper. Chilaquiles are pretty much the best thing you can eat for breakfast. The best way to describe them is to think of breakfast nachos with eggs, sometimes meat. They are kind of like Migas but not really. Either way if you don’t know then get learned because they are the truth.



5 Responses to “Chili Cheese Dog Sandwich”

  1. auto Says:

    thos chilaquiles lookin hella good… ima hit that spot up

  2. MT Eats Says:

    There was a place here in Montana that served a Chili Cheese Dog similar to the one above. Big ass dog, smothered in Chili and Cheese. Sadly, they were lacking the onions, but they were served on a giant plate, swimming in Chili and Cheese. Delicious.

  3. SergDun Says:

    there is a burger spot around the way from me that does hamburgers with hotdogs piled on top of the patty. They also do a chili burger but I don’t think they have manned up and piled the chilidogs on top of a burger though.

  4. rachel Says:

    los jarritos is prolly my favourite mexican spot in town but what do i know, i’m white

  5. Dollar Bin Says:

    Sweet, I’ve been looking for somewhere new that’s walking distance from Mission Bay. I think I might have to sample one of those chili cheese dogs.

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