Tu Lan


6th and Mission, one of the worst blocks in the city. Dude burning up rocks at 11am while some lost tourist stares in pure shock. I’ve seen a broke ass pimp get stabbed on the corner. It’s just mainey as fuck and the city hasn’t been able to really do shit about it. The best thing about that block though is motherfucking Tu Lan. Easily the best hole in the wall Vietnamese joint in San Francisco. They have a health department score of like 92. Must have been a good day because the place is a fucking dump. At lunch you’re fucked trying to get a seat. But it’s cheap as fuck and goddamn is the food awesome. They have never done me wrong.  I went there for breakfast at 4 in the afternoon on saturday and hollered at some pork shish kebab and rice noodles. I’m trying to be healthy or something right now. Their crispy noodles are on some next shit too.

Pork Shish Kebab and Rice Noodles

22 Responses to “Tu Lan”

  1. Hillary Says:

    Man, that makes my mouth water! If only I could find a place like that in Dallas!

  2. Ambitious Says:

    NO WAY! I was going to post about tu lan today. AMAZING food.

    I miss San Francisco!!!!

  3. eric Says:

    don’t swear so much. you come off stupid

  4. Adub Says:

    Hillary: look up Pho Hung in Haltom City for extraordinary Viet Namese food – not too far and worth it. Must get the salty lemonade!

  5. SergDun Says:

    “don’t swear so much. you come off stupid”

    you’ve got to be kidding me. Sorry man but I’m not going to stop swearing because someone might question my intelligence based on their perception of me via a post on the fucking internet. I write the way I would talk to a friend. Some might find it offensive but I think that’s bullshit anyway. swearing isn’t offensive at all and I find it ridiculous that people have hang ups over stupid words like fuck and shit.

    Whatever though, the next time I review the ambiance of the newest wine bar San Francisco has to offer I will be sure to make sure it’s free of any curse words.

  6. Paula Says:

    You guys remind me of some people… email me if you were ever in Iowa, yeah?

  7. JT Says:

    I personally love all the fucking swearing. Like you said, its just like my boys would sit around and shoot the breeze about food over a few beers in a friend’s basement. There is something strangely heartfelt and wholesome about a little swearing when expressing genuine excitement over food. WORD.

  8. MF Grocery Says:

    Dude. Pho Grand in STL is the heat. If you ever come here you gotta stop there.

    Fuck. Shit.

  9. Richardy Says:

    The swearing is what drew me to this blog in the first place. Downright honest, straight shit from someone who it wouldn’t be hard to imagine was sitting across the table from you in your shitty apartment every day. Grocery Eats is the ultimate casual because the tone is beyond antipretentious, and that’s kind of hard to do if you’re hiding behind a blog wall (a blall… or wog… something).

    I could really go for a BigMacChicken right now. Fuck.

  10. Hillary Says:

    @ Adub Thanks! I will check it out.

    As for all the swearing, bring it on, fuckers. I love the fact that everyone on this blob swears and is REAL. This is not pretentious, and people can be themselves.
    SergDun isn’t stupid. He’s honest.
    That’s why we love it here.

  11. SergDun Says:

    and trust me, the stuff I’m posting here is hardely touching my extensive use of swearing considering some of the ridiculous bullshit I’ve thrown up on my own blog.

  12. Eric Says:

    I’m with Richard.

    Give me a BigAssMacChickenFuckingGodDamnSandwich.

    And a Coke.


  13. Moe Says:

    Tu-Lan is where it’s at. no joke!

  14. SwearMaster P Says:


  15. SwearMaster P Says:


  16. Thur31 Says:

    Why do you talk like a wigger?

  17. Kyle Says:

    People still say “wigger”?

    Anyone who reads the comments at the Onion’s AV Club knows a dude named Z0DIAC M0THERFUCKER. His shit is hilarious. The kids here at GE know how to play the same game.

    “Refreshing” is exactly the right word. “Hilarious” might be another.

  18. Thur31 Says:

    People still read the Onion?

    Perhaps you should pick up a book sometime. Nevermind, you are doing recaps of Project Runway on your blog. I once thought about starting a blog but I realized I was not that pretentious and self-absorbed.

  19. Gus Cutty Says:

    Toprs been talkin this spot up since before I ever came to the bay. Great Vietnamese food and in my neighborhood, Im in.

  20. mr. pilly wonk Says:

    i like how there’s always a vietnamese dude sleeping in the upstairs dining area. the imperial rolls are fucking bonkers, too.

    has anyone dared to eat at the filipino diner on that corner?

  21. SergDun Says:

    oh god, fuck no

    pretty much any spot in the city that advertises filipino food on a plastic sign is suspect as fuck. There is another one on 16th and South Van Ness. 5 bucks for a plate of lukewarm cowshit. Although I’m sure it tastes great when you wake up behind club 6’s dumpster with the taste of 6th street’s morning dew in your mouth, a fresh dump in your shorts and withdrawals in your brains.

    those spots are NAGL, I have enough of those broke ass lunch counter spots. They exists because those motherfuckers couldn’t afford to open a happy doughnuts.

  22. dole Says:

    “I once thought about starting a blog but I realized I was not that pretentious and self-absorbed.”

    So instead, you think making comments on other people’s blogs are important enough to open your globbering love yap? GTFO.

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