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Taras Boulba

November 26, 2008

Taras Boulba

I bought this off the strenght of the label, that shit looks hella dope. It’s got a nice clean citrus flavor although I was expecting it to be way more bitter considering the label says it’s got extra hops. Flavor wise think of a belgian white, like say hoegaarden. It’s real easy to drink; I could drink a 12 of this with ease. I need to tell my shitty friends that instead of buying 12’s of racist fucking coors they need to be copping some Taras Boulba because it’s better, Ice Cube doesn’t hate it’s existence, and you don’t need to be a fucking pussy to drink it.

I should give my friends a break though, out of all the times we’ve gotten drunk coors has only made one appearance.



November 22, 2008


Popeye's Chicken Biscuit

Why in the fuck is Popeye’s now selling chicken biscuits? The only reason I can think of is because they want to compete with McDonald’s shitty chicken biscuit. It’s fucking Popeye’s Chicken AND Biscuits. It’s not a goddamn secret that they sell fried chicken and delicious biscuits. Just because some fucking cocksucker assembled it for you doesn’t mean a goddamn thing. This is retarded as fuck. I know I’m not much better because I fucking paid them to do it but still this is a waste. Yeah it’s good but they are charging you a service that could be completed with a plastic knife.

I want a real chicken biscuit this half ass gimmick slider from popeye’s was good but it wasn’t the realness. The bay area sucks at southern food. There is no good bbq here either. Someone needs to teach this place about smoking pigs too cause motherfuckers just don’t know. FUCK I need to bbq something on my balcony again. My landlord is hating but fuck’em I need more smoke and meat in my life.

Eat Beer

November 17, 2008

Gulden Draak

oh man this one is a winner, the alcohol taste is kind of in your face but there is a dope malty sweetness going on too. It’s not too sweet though and then after you get a faint bitter taste. It’s hella foamy which I found out when I fucked up the pour, I was too juiced to drink it because this morning I handed off my on call pager to another coworker(FUCK BEING ON CALL!). I had to let it settle a bit before I tasted it. Anyways if you like beer cop this shit because it’s hella dope and definitely worth drinking. This shit is like 10.5% too so get ready, it hits way harder than fucking St Ides.

Thanks Serg! / Bacon Beer?

November 10, 2008

Dude has been putting in work here keeping the lights on.

Thanks homie!

So what’s up with me?  Every once in a while I come up with an idea and never execute the shit.  Hopefully with the winter months ahead I’ll get crackin and share it all with you.

Lately I’ve been making beer.  Lots of beer like this amazing pumpkin hookup made with fresh pumpkin- no canned shit over here.  It was a ton of work but totally worth it.  Last Saturday was National Teach a Friend to Homebrew Day and my homebrew club met at the O’Fallon Brewery to make some beers.  I ended up brewing a smoked robust porter that will be aged with oak cubes and alot of whiskey (Maker’s Mark).

During the event, one of the dudes in the club came up to me and was talking about a tomato beer he brewed over the summer and it gave me the idea to develop a bacon beer recipe and blend it with his tomato jawn for a BLT type drink.  The guys at Schlafly have a hop infuser which is basically a hop-filled canister in which cold beer passes though right before serving to give the beer mega hop flavor.  We may ask to borrow that shit and for our blended beer and add iceberg lettuce or some shit to the infuser for laughs.

Anyone have a clue how to extract a shitload of bacon flavor into a small quantity of vodka?  Holler in the comments if you have any suggestions.

Oh yeah I’m still DJing at Nelly’s booty cake club so that shit’s been majorly time consuming and I haven’t had much time to experiment in the kitchen, but I got this awesome pork chop thang in my head so look out for that soon along with some possible videos of my newest kitchen gadget.

Stay tuned motherfuckers.


I celebrate the entire Pocky catalog

November 8, 2008

stocked up on pocky

I haven’t opened them all but so far Morning Time is my favorite. I know they aren’t all pocky but the store had a sale so I came up on all kinds of japanese biscuit stick snacks.

Beer and Pancakes!

November 7, 2008

this post is more for Grocery than anyone. I figured if anyone was down for pumpkin pancakes made with oktoberfest beer it was that motherfucker. Peep game, the dude over at Beer And Nosh did it hella proper. Dude’s blog is dope so people really should be checking for it, especially Bay cats. It makes me want to stop being lazy and hit up city beer.