I celebrate the entire Pocky catalog


stocked up on pocky

I haven’t opened them all but so far Morning Time is my favorite. I know they aren’t all pocky but the store had a sale so I came up on all kinds of japanese biscuit stick snacks.

24 Responses to “I celebrate the entire Pocky catalog”

  1. Richardy Says:

    Dude. Yan yans.

  2. SergDun Says:

    I have seen but not eaten. I feel it is wise that I consume them at some point in the near future

  3. ~Jon~ Says:

    Crushed Almond Pocky is my favorite. Giant Pocky is good, but its also $13 a box here.

  4. auto Says:

    yan yan’s are good, but they do not supply enough chocolate in the package… i always run out by the end of my sticks

  5. SergDun Says:

    Banana pocky I think is my favorite it’s just hard as fuck to find.

  6. John M. Says:

    My wife and I were sooooo addicted to those when we lived in Japan. The variety there was awesome.

  7. Richardy Says:

    Agree about Yan Yans not having enough dip. Pockys are good… can’t stand strawberry Pocky for some reason… and apparently there’s one called POCKY MEN’S. i must find and consume it asap

  8. Eric Says:

    Men’s Pocky is just regular Pocky with dark chocolate instead of milk. Yan Yan and Brazilian Pudding Pocky are both pretty excellent. Personally, I miss Creme Brulee Pocky. I used to get that stuff at the Korean grocery store up the street ALL THE TIME.

  9. Comic Says:

    That Pocky Dessert is looking mighty fine.

  10. relative_q Says:

    The real math, which I have discovered recently, is the Marbled Pocky, especially the white chocolate-based kind. Milk flavor is also fucking ill.

    Let us know how the Brazilian Pudding kind is. I almost bought some the other day, but was skeptical.

  11. SergDun Says:

    the Brazilian pocky is just coconut flavored. The orange though is kind of bomb though, it tastes like those orange flinstones push ups.

  12. rich Says:

    make sure them shits arent manufactured in china. while japanese or korean, they are sometimes made in china. be weary unless you like tainted pocky and/or snacks.

  13. MF Grocery Says:

    Mike 2600 and I had those Pocky Mens in Japan. Sarah wanted some but we were like hell naw, these are for mens.

  14. Richardy Says:

    hahaha. Pocky Mens are obviously too sophisticated for womens.

    Also rich has a point, I read somewhere that chinese pocky has been found to have melamine. i bet it was only in just a handful of shipments, and you’d have to eat HELLA pocks to get sick. but still..

    I could hit up some Hello Panda right now. meiji makes some bomb snacks.

  15. relative_q Says:

    Hello Pandas are a staple at my house, although the last time I was at the Asian food store, they were out of them, so I had to get these weird things that I think were supposed to be Japanese acorns or weird mushrooms or something. Same basic idea, though.

  16. missbhavens Says:

    Men’s Pocky.
    The bomb.

  17. MatthewK Says:

    I’ve only ever had the regular choco-pocky. My local FYE sells them, so I usually pick some up and take them into the movie theater. I fucking love them, i’ve yet to try any other kinds though. They also have some kind of clear soda and some little chewy/gummy fruit snacks i’ve been meaning to get my hands on.

  18. Taipans Says:

    What is this! I’m confused!

  19. Jennette Says:

    I’ve tried the Brazillian Pudding Pocky and, though I wasn’t sure what to expect, was really disappointed in it. The flavor didn’t seem to have anything to do with its name.

  20. kat86 Says:

    have you tried the really skinny Pocky (Gokuboso Pocky)? i mean, it’s the same thing, but it makes you feel as though you are eating more because each piece is skinnier. (http://www.veryasia.com/glpogoch.html)

    damn those innovative Japanese who come up with this stuff.

  21. amy Says:

    those look great and all but have you had everyburger?
    flickr photos
    get on that!


  22. amy Says:


  23. SergDun Says:

    I’ve never had those skinny pocky’s. I’ve seen them but always felt like they were the virgina slims of the pocky set.

    as for everyburger, yeah I have had but i didn’t know what they were called

    Hamburger Cookies

  24. Eric Says:

    The only way I can get my hands on Pocky is through some Asian internet food stores, or eBay. I might get some from the online stores; I don’t really trust eBay for food (I agree with Rich and Richardy).

    The only time I’ve had them is a while ago at an anime convention. I think I’ll buy some from an online store soon, or buy a big pack…Does anybody know their shelf life? I can’t seem to find any good sites selling Pocky that have Best Before dates on them.

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