Thanks Serg! / Bacon Beer?


Dude has been putting in work here keeping the lights on.

Thanks homie!

So what’s up with me?  Every once in a while I come up with an idea and never execute the shit.  Hopefully with the winter months ahead I’ll get crackin and share it all with you.

Lately I’ve been making beer.  Lots of beer like this amazing pumpkin hookup made with fresh pumpkin- no canned shit over here.  It was a ton of work but totally worth it.  Last Saturday was National Teach a Friend to Homebrew Day and my homebrew club met at the O’Fallon Brewery to make some beers.  I ended up brewing a smoked robust porter that will be aged with oak cubes and alot of whiskey (Maker’s Mark).

During the event, one of the dudes in the club came up to me and was talking about a tomato beer he brewed over the summer and it gave me the idea to develop a bacon beer recipe and blend it with his tomato jawn for a BLT type drink.  The guys at Schlafly have a hop infuser which is basically a hop-filled canister in which cold beer passes though right before serving to give the beer mega hop flavor.  We may ask to borrow that shit and for our blended beer and add iceberg lettuce or some shit to the infuser for laughs.

Anyone have a clue how to extract a shitload of bacon flavor into a small quantity of vodka?  Holler in the comments if you have any suggestions.

Oh yeah I’m still DJing at Nelly’s booty cake club so that shit’s been majorly time consuming and I haven’t had much time to experiment in the kitchen, but I got this awesome pork chop thang in my head so look out for that soon along with some possible videos of my newest kitchen gadget.

Stay tuned motherfuckers.



14 Responses to “Thanks Serg! / Bacon Beer?”

  1. Thanks Serg! | StereoPropaganda Says:

    […] Continued here: Thanks Serg! […]

  2. Richardy Says:

    I can’t give any measurements here but the basic idea is simple infusion. Cook up bacon, break into bits. place in clean, airtight container, fill with vodka. Place vodka in a dark area for one week, and shake it up at least once or twice a day throughout. refrigeration is not necessary since the alcohol will prevent bacterial growth, plus cold fridge temperatures will slow down extraction. After a week, place the infusion in the freezer overnight to solidify the fats, then pour the solution through the filter(s) of your choice. I highly recommend going from coarse (e.g. cheesecloth) to fine (paper coffee filter) so that the last filter doesn’t clog up immediately with bacon bits and grease.

    I bet you could do at least a 1:1 bacon/vodka (by volume) ratio, probably even more so long as you agitate it enough. GOOD LUCK MAN

  3. MF Grocery Says:

    I had that exact issue with clogging a coffee filter when making the bacon/jalapeno vodka. To give you an idea of how strong this bacon vodka would need to be I’d be limited to a cup or so of this nectar to go into a 5 gallon batch of beer. Anything more than that and the beer starts to change. So if I only make 2 or 3 gallons you’d need to cut the amount of vodka proportionally to go into the beer.

    Could I reduce the bacon vodka down to something seriously concentrated? I’m assuming doing this on my stove would eliminate the bacon essence. I need some food scientists to help me out here.

    If you can provide the solution I will send you beerz.

  4. Sheriff Blalock Says:

    Try this method:

    Google “Fat Washing” for more information.

  5. Richardy Says:

    perhaps a more neutral spirit like Everclear would work a bit better? Plus, the higher proof could potentially allow you to use a little less… Unfortunately, I don’t know how stovetop alcohol reductions work, but now I am extremely interested in this project.

    also, it seems like “Fat Washing” is similar to the infusion method i posted above, sans the week-long steeping process. i reckon the steeping can’t hurt and, if anything, would only extract a bit more flavor from the bacon

  6. MF Grocery Says:

    Thanks for the info. It is critical that I remove as much fat as possible or else my beer’s head retentention goes down the shitter.

  7. mattbrains Says:

    I apologize about the lengthy hiatus. I have the entire month of December to myself to travel and “create”. I hope this motherfucker has some lube, cause it’s about to get fucked.

  8. SergDun Says:

    I got tamale day 2008 in the works so I’m gonna lace this shit something proper around mid december.

  9. Richardy Says:

    re: fat removal

    definitely wouldn’t hurt to attempt to re-solidify any remaining fats in the freezer, after the first straining session. twice, maybe even 3 times, should do the trick. it’s a process but like you said, the fats will decimate head and that’s never a good thing

    keep us posted

  10. CCP Says:

    This bottle of German madness has a very porky flavor and nose, could easily pass for bacon-beer.

  11. MF Grocery Says:

    ^Buying tonight! We have a local liquor store that carries this brewery. I’m kinda psyched.

  12. CCP Says:

    Did you try it? I always get one when I’m in the one bar in town that sells it, but I’m not sure if I love it or hate it.

  13. Fastcode Says:

    I don’t know how this would effect the pH or flavor of the beer but this company makes Bacon Salt.

    Along with Bacon-Mayo, called Baconnaise. =0

  14. Red Icculus Says:

    This sounds wonderful! Or perhaps bacon vodka:

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