Taras Boulba


Taras Boulba

I bought this off the strenght of the label, that shit looks hella dope. It’s got a nice clean citrus flavor although I was expecting it to be way more bitter considering the label says it’s got extra hops. Flavor wise think of a belgian white, like say hoegaarden. It’s real easy to drink; I could drink a 12 of this with ease. I need to tell my shitty friends that instead of buying 12’s of racist fucking coors they need to be copping some Taras Boulba because it’s better, Ice Cube doesn’t hate it’s existence, and you don’t need to be a fucking pussy to drink it.

I should give my friends a break though, out of all the times we’ve gotten drunk coors has only made one appearance.

2 Responses to “Taras Boulba”

  1. Cesar Moves Says:

    That was an amazing post, and it earned you a new RSS subscriber. Keep up the good work!

  2. beercellar Says:

    Dude, check your pallet…this beer and Hoegaarden have very little in common!

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