Carnitas and Lengua


carnitas and lengua

I fucking love tacos. I’ve eaten them my entire life, being mexican kind of has something to do with it but man they are such a staple that I can’t imagine a life without them.  Last night after happy hour I rolled through San Jose Taqueria, the underdogs of 24th and mission. Everyone loves Farolito, clueless people rave about La Taqueria (it’s the white friendly choice!) but I’ve been fucking with the pork selection at San Jose for a minute. Given the chips here suck, but really if that’s what your looking for then you need to take your ass to bullshit Taco Bell. I’ve never had their chicken or carne asada so I can’t help you with that either. But if you’re looking for some Al Pastor, Carnitas, or Lengua well then these dudes can help you out. For some reason I’ve found their al pastor to be the best before noon, it’s just a bit crunchier. Maybe because it’s slow but they crisp it up on the grill for a minute, when it’s perfect it’s so fucking good.

Last night the carnitas were so on point. They fried the shit out of them to the point that I had a pancake of fried pork on my taco, so perfect. I just got them with cheese and some salsa. The cheese grease with the salsa and crispy pork strands were ridiculous. The lengua wasn’t bad either, but it wasn’t fucking with the beauty of the carnitas. I hadn’t been to San Jose for a while but man last night they fucking blessed me. Sometimes they have issues with quality consistency, the last time I was there I got a suspect burrito with meat that had the texture of burnt straw. But I have faith and usually the food is decent/good but when they are on their game it’s awesome.  Last night they made a believer out of me again.


4 Responses to “Carnitas and Lengua”

  1. Lefty McChew Says:

    I’m shitting my draws just looking at them tasty bitches. Idda T-Bagged that fucking salsa though. That’s how we do it.

  2. Thadd Says:

    Yeah, the consistancy of SJ taqu is fucked my man. You get some awesome tacos and burritos one day and the next day you get hit with the nastiest food for day. Glad they hooked you up right tho, looks great!

  3. CeePee Says:

    God i wish, no carnitas here in Korea, tacos themselves are tough to come by (had some in Seoul, they were acceptable, especially considering price and the fact im in Korea).
    Theres a reason i rarely visit this blog.
    Its called Jealousy.

  4. noel Says:

    I fucking love tacos.

    me too my friend. me too.

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