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I was hollering at CeePee the other day and he mentioned how you can buy carbonated milk in Korea.  At first it sounded really fucked up and then I came to thinking that it’s probably pretty damn good if a company is selling it.  I mean, there has to be a market for carbonated milk if the company exists, right?  Well, after a couple minutes I realized that I could make some fizzy milk in the comforts of my own home using my homebrewing equipment.


So here’s my CO2 tank.  I use this to serve beer from my 5-gallon soda kegs and to force carbonate beers.  Whenever I brew a beer and don’t have time to wait for it to carbonate slowly I hook up the gas and shake the keg for a few minutes.  With a carbonator cap I can do the same thing if I want to carbonate a smaller quantity of beer like a 2-liter bottle.

So instead of using beer with this shit I decided to try out milk.  We’re not stopping there though.  On the way home from work I picked up some Hawaiian Punch, orange Gatorade, Snapple Iced Tea w/Lemon and a bottle of Starbucks Mocha Frappuccino.


We started off with Hawaiian Punch since we figured it would taste the best.


We were right.  It reminded me of a really sweet fruit punch soda and was quite pleasant. (8/10)

Next we tried the orange Gatorade.


It was really bland.  The carbonation gave it a bite that somehow overtook the orange flavor.  I mean, this shit isn’t that flavorful out of the bottle.  I couldn’t imagine just how shitty this would be if you downed a quart after exercising.  (4/10)

And then we hooked the Snapple Iced Tea.




Wow.  My first impression was lemon Alka Seltzer tablets but then it was like drinking a soda tea.  It was pretty much what you would expect but that first drink wasn’t pleasant.  (6/10)

Next up, Starbucks Mocha Frappuccino.


This shit was weird.  When poured into a pint glass it foamed up like a root beer float.  We took a drink and once you got through the head it tasted fine, almost as if the carbonation completely escaped the drink.  I was kinda pissed off and looked at the bottle with the other half in it and it wasn’t foamy at all so I took a drink.  It was fucking horrible.  That shit caught me off guard and punched me in the junk.  Way too fizzy for something you’d expect to be creamy.  (2/10)

Finally we took on some skim milk.


Have you ever burped up foam?  This was so fucking disgusting. It was like seltzer water that tried to be creamy.  It’s 20 minutes later and I still have this nasty taste in my mouth.  (0/10)

If you have any ideas for other shit to carbonate post’em in the comments.  Things to remember are the liquid needs to be cold and must be thin enough to allow CO2 to escape so ketchup or sausage gravy won’t work.  Perhaps gazpacho?

33 Responses to “Carbonated Milk”

  1. Chris Says:

    Chicken Noodle soup.

  2. jmoney Says:

    cranberry juice or coke w/ xtra fizz

  3. Eric Says:

    See, here’s the thing about the carbonated milk sodas in Korea and Japan – they’re sweetened. I don’t know if they’re using watered-down sweetened condensed milk or what, but there’s some definite sweetness at work in those, and they are quite good. Check out some Milkis from East East on Olive in U. City or Calpico wherever you can find it (I think Global Foods carries it) for reference. I would expect unadorned carbonated skim milk to taste awful, though.

  4. MF Grocery Says:

    Perhaps the sweetness would help the milk out but forreal that frappuccino, which was basically sweet milk and coffee, was pretty aweful.

  5. moorsfood Says:

    Carbonated Vodka. The cheap shit. Specifically, Burnetts green apple.

  6. Fun with Carbonation « My Adventures in Food Says:

    […] Carbonated Milk. Categories […]

  7. TomTheXpresident Says:

    I’d like to try some “Apple Pucker Scnapps” carbonated! might taste like Mountian Dew?

  8. Toner Huffer Says:

    Tang. Please. I drink that astro-juice like no one’s business. Can’t even imagine what a carbo’d version would taste like.

  9. Richardy Says:


  10. Sandy Says:

    “That shit caught me off guard and punched me in the junk.” HAHA

  11. CeePee Says:

    I was actually surprised how not awful the shit i tried was.
    Milkis - 1.50$

    Cant say its a regular drink tho

  12. ozanif Says:


  13. Comic Says:

    Shit, the only thing I can think of carbonating is some spiced rum, but damn I don’t know if that’d be a waste.

  14. mike flood 2012 Says:

    They call it a egg cream.

  15. Zac Says:

    is V8 too thick? could be good. but it’s probably pretty vile.

  16. Od Says:

    Apple juice, Orange juice with pulp

    Fuck milk, carbonate some Baily’s.

    And do some soapy water up just for fun.

  17. CeePee Says:

    if ya did orange juice itd basically be homemade orangina (which would be amazing) and apple juice (depending on the apples) would be like sidral mundet. Good looking out.

    v8 (or a ceasar) and soapy water would be hilarious

  18. CeePee Says:

    also they do carbonated ice tea in france called Liptonic.
    Drink it if you get the chance, its delicious.

    its got the perfect amount of minty taste to it

  19. James Says:

    carbonate Johnny walker Red!

  20. MIKE 2600 Says:

    Cough syrup.

  21. MIKE 2600 Says:


  22. Richardy Says:

    Gasoline? haha… fuck that.


  23. missbhavens Says:

    Without question: Tang.

    Also, Kaluha.

  24. rex Says:

    I tried carbonating some sweet tea from the Barbecue Lodge in Raleigh NC once, syrupy sweet house wine of the south type stuff.

    It was weird, the sweetness was not apparent at all, all it reallyy had was a metallic flavor. I suppose that could have come from the aluminum soda syphon I used.

    Carbonated some grape juice in a corny keg for a Mr. Science demo for 4th graders. That was tasty.

    Adding some sparkle to a still mead is always worthwhile.

    Seem to recall making some fizzy methylene chloride in the lab by neutralizing acidic reaction liquors with sodium carbonate. Good times.

  25. MF Grocery Says:

    @Rex: I had one beer that was over-carbonated and it had that same carbonic (metallic) bite to it. As far as the other scientic shit you are talking about I applaud you.

    I’m trying gravy next, no bullshit.

  26. Mat G Says:

    If you can carbonate A1 Steak Sauce, I will drink the whole glass, regardless of the taste and impending half hour of crippling purges.

  27. T Keene Says:

    I actually had what seemed like a carbonated gazpacho, it was really good. It wasn’t carbonated though, the waiter said that must be the reaction between lemon zest or something with oil. Very interesting.

  28. al Says:


  29. Sear Says:

    great post! thanks…

  30. therichieboy Says:

    I tried milk in a soda stream and ended up wiping sour milk off every surface in the kitchen for 3 days. Would I do it again? Yes.

  31. Staci Says:

    This is probably the best thing I’ve read in a wile….
    Simply for the comedy and coolness factor.
    Coca-Cola actually has a new carbonated milk product on the market now called “Vio” though it is currently only on sale in New York.

    I would like to try something like a carbonated orange julius…
    Could be quite good.

    I would love to see the V8 that actually seems interesting and I love V8.

    I really hope that you continue to carbonate things and to post your successes and failures here. Maybe do a video sometime?

  32. Puck Says:

    Clam Juice
    Beet Juice
    Chicken Broth

  33. Crystal Says:

    Wow.. I laughed so hard reading your posts, but I gagged a little on the milk portion.. Who would think of that, and why in the world would they sell it? Disgusting. I’d NEVER buy carbonated milk. I think for strange things to carbonate you could try pickle juice.. Just a thought. Yep!

    Propane Burners

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