Bulgogi Burger


When I was in Austin last month my dude Papi Babylon told me to hit up Burger Tex by the UT campus for a Korean bulgogi burger.  Dude was on point with the other recommendations so we stopped by for a burger and happened to make history.


We ordered a couple bulgogi burgers, one with Swiss as recommended by the cashier.  After a few minutes the burger arrived and I headed over to the condiment bar to hook up some toppings: pickles, iceberg lettuce, onions, tomato, mayo and jalapeños.

It was great.  The bulgogi was crispy, somewhat sweet and slightly salty but well balanced.  While enjoying the burger I looked over the menu and realized that there wasn’t any other Korean food offered, just your typical burger and fries type stuff.   I then asked the cashier if they had any kimchi and she brought out her father who was cooking in the back.  They told us their Grandma made their’s at home and they don’t serve it to the public, but since we asked they would let us have some.  As expected it was fantastic so I asked them to make me a new burger topped with their Grandma’s homemade kimchi.  Apparently this was their first request and dude was really excited to make one.


It was decent.  I’d say the regular burger had the advantage with all the condiments but for real I was trying to go authentic.  I liked the acidic character that came from the cabbage but at the same time it needed something else to help balance the sourness.

10 Responses to “Bulgogi Burger”

  1. LiS Says:

    i ❤ your work.

    maybe you’ve seen this website, but someone sent me the link after i posted re: your site –


    bacon cheese pizza burger? bacon wrapped meatloaf with layer of mac n cheese in the middle?

    the 12 bird true love roast looks scary while the turbaconuken looks.. delicious.

  2. John M. Says:

    Kimchi rocks. Great for the sinuses.

  3. Sweet Baby Says:

    Having shared in the holy Bulgogi Burger communion, I can echo… it was a cool fusion of foods to be sure. The Grandma’s home made kimchi was a solid addition to the Bulgogi Burger – as long as you put on the traditional burger condiments (onion, tomato, lettuce, pickle) as well. When it was Kimchi and Bulgogi only, it was a sloppy textural disappointment. The crisp of the onion, lettuce with the sweet of the tomato balanced things out well. Adding in the Kimchi spice & this was an absolute treat. Best burger ever? No, but it was damn good… Couple the burger with the experience of watching the owner applaud the white guys for trying it – he was literally clapping, hooting & hollering – and you’ve got a winner.

  4. MF Grocery Says:

    Hooting and hollering, hilarious

  5. CeePee Says:

    Yeah, they got these joints all around Korea at basically every burger joint.
    Ill get some pics/reviews of some, there are basically two dominant chains McDonalds and Lotteria (http://www.lotteria.com/). Generally its a burger with a crazy bulgogi sauce (bulgogi btw is retarded expensive over here, well, any beef is as are all milk products, its fucking killing me). Ive also see a couple of Burger Kings around too and im sure they have some. The kimchi addition is agood look. Oddly enough one of the restaus they DONT serve em is burger joints. They do serve pickles with their pizzas tho…

  6. aaronjae Says:

    I’m Korean, and this is the best thing to ever be created on God’s green earth.

  7. Pat Says:

    You needed some sriacha, hoison, or korean bbq sauce.

    One of those would have tightened that up.

  8. Jeff Says:

    I love Burger Tex! I’m from Austin. Unfortunately, I’m now living in Idaho.

  9. Famous Says:

    I’ve had my share of ridiculously good bulgogi burgers in NY and Hawaii. Hats off to you guys. And shout out to Papi!

  10. sujin lee Says:

    Haha! I remember you asking for kimchi. I am the girl from Burger Tex 2. 🙂 Nice reading the post!


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