I’m not really sure what to say…





11 Responses to “I’m not really sure what to say…”

  1. jg Says:

    I’m sorry, but bacon vodka? I thought we had gone waaay to far with the bacon thing a while ago, but it continues to surprise me.

  2. mieke Says:

    impressive, all i got was this. love your unique blend of food and expletives though.

  3. kyle Says:

    you can thank Serg for items 2 and 4.

  4. JT Says:

    Like I said earlier, this calls for a new banner or graphic… “groceryeats.com: Home of Bacon Vodka and FUCK” 😉 You guys need a trophy or something to commemorate.

  5. avisualperson Says:

    damn verizon access automatically boots me to your macchicken/burger post always.

  6. SergDun Says:

    ha man these are the last 15 results I’ve gotten for beer and rap, the I fucked my dad one is kind of creepy

    tall can marathon
    motherfucker bullshit
    i fucked my dad
    brother thelonious
    fuck hard
    chlorine and motor oil bomb
    hard 4 fuck
    coworker fucking you over
    415 sideshow 41-fivin
    fuck move
    sister fuck
    fucking hard
    the rapper the dream myspace backgound

  7. Kitchenhacker Says:

    I think there is only one thing to say. One word. Four letters.

  8. CeePee Says:

    hard 4 fuck is pretty awesome, im not entirely sure what kind of context its to be taken in but im sure some rapper out there has it covered

  9. CeePee Says:

    debating adding it to whatever papers i sign from now on

  10. SergDun Says:

    well the hard 4 fuck is weird but my shit comes up because of Hard As Fuck 4, a mixtape I released with Matthew Africa

  11. CeePee Says:

    thats sorta what i was thinking.
    Google fucked up somewhere.

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