Bacon Beer


I’m back on the bacon hype train with this one; a homebrewed and bacon-infused bourbon smoked porter.  


Fucking A.

Instructions for all you do-it-yourself’ers:

-Dice 7 or 8 slices of raw bacon and cook on low heat in cast iron pan to render as much fat as possible.  That shit is going to cook for a while.  Make sure them motherfuckers get all crispy.


-Pat bacon down with a shitload of paper towels.  Get those little bacon hoes as dry as possible because this is going to end up in a beer and you don’t want fat floaties fucking up your head retention.

-Add the bacon to a mason jar or other sealable container and cover that shit with Maker’s Mark.  Tighten the lid.




-Let that murky looking shit sit in a cool dark place for at least 24 hours and then put it in the freezer for a few hours (4-6 should do) to solidify the remaining fat.

-Pull bacon bourbon from freezer and strain through a cheesecloth first and then move it through a coffee filter.  One thing I learned with the bacon vodka was to start with a coarse filter and then graduate to a finer filter.  Even after getting a bunch of fat out of the bourbon with the cheesecloth that coffee filter action is still going to be slow as shit so make sure you have the time to do this.  I finally gave up and started squeezing the bourbon out of the filter and repeated it through new coffee filters a couple times.  I could never get the bourbon crystal clear so I finally said fuck it who cares I’m putting bacon in a beer a then went to the next step.

-Get some smoked porter.  I suppose you could get a bottle or growler of this shit from a local brewpub.  I happened to have a keg of my own home-brewed smoked porter lying around and a growler of O’Fallon Smoke (which is really fucking amazing if you get the chance to try it straight up or their whiskey barrel-aged limited releases).

-I used an eye dropper and measured out approx. 100 drops per 12 oz bottle, topped it off with my homebrew and then capped the bottle.  If you are adding this to a bottle or growler of beer just drop it directly in a pint glass and then top with the beer to distribute the sweet, sweet goodness.



Since I know the brewers at O’Fallon I took the bacon and bourboned growler of their Smoke up to the brewery and had’em try it.  They though it was good but maybe a tad too salty and the bacon and bourbon characteristics were too faint.  Then I cracked open a bottle of my baconed homebrew and it was apparent the less smokey beer (mine) had much more bacon and bourbon flavor and aroma.  If beer geeks think it’s drinkable then I’d say it was a success.  Other reviews mentioned it tasted like soy sauce and I got more salt and beef jerky than anything, which kinda makes sense altogether.  I’m digging on the remaining bottles but next time, yes there will be a next time, I would maybe add a little more than the 100 drops and take it up to 125-150 (depending on the bacon strength).

Every fall, Iron Barley (as seen on the St. Louis edition of Man vs. Food) hosts a tomato festival and invites people to submit their best tomato recipe for judging.  Usually it’s food but for the past few years a buddy of mine makes a batch of tomato beer.  This year we’re going to mix a fresh batch of this bacon and bourbon beer with his tomato concoction but with more of a twist.  If you’ve ever been to a beer festival you may have seen a Randall.  Well, we’re going to build one and fill it with lettuce, essentially “dry-lettucing” the beer on it’s way to the faucet to make a BLT beer.  We’re not fucking around over here.

38 Responses to “Bacon Beer”

  1. CCP Says:

    Holy shit, I am completely trying that out, even if I lack the luxury of delicious homebrewed porter.

    Also, did you ever try this out?

  2. MF Grocery Says:

    yeah, that shit is terrific.

  3. rachel Says:

    you are my hero

  4. Hayley Says:

    Can I drink it straight from the jar?

  5. CeePee Says:

    yeah that rauchbier is whats really real
    nice and hardy for the winter
    wish i could give this a sip

  6. Ryan B Says:

    That shit was good -I enjoyed the bacon aftertaste. List people Grocery ain’t fucking around when it comes to beer -he’s like a scientist.
    Happy Birfday Grocery! I had fun hanging out!

  7. Sheriff Blalock Says:

    BLT Beer? I’ll see you in August!

  8. SergDun Says:

    fucking shit man, I want

  9. JT Says:

    Def. my bad for sleepin on this one but, it just didn’t feel right sampling it without you around.

  10. MF Grocery Says:

    Update: I left some of the bacon bourbon in the freezer (after I filtered it) and all the remaining solids dropped out and left the bourbon at the top of the jar crystal clear. Next time I’ll be waiting a few extra days so I don’t have to dick with muddy bourbon.

  11. Red Icculus Says:

    I love using bacon in anything that I possibly can. The only beer that I thought that I could use bacon in is Goose Island Cigar Stout. It is malty and smoky.


  12. captainmcboozy Says:

    Fuck yes it is. Fuck yes it is.

    My breakfast old fashioned features bacon infused bourbon, maple syrup and coffee bitters with a piece of candied bacon.

    Fuck yes it does. Fuck yes it does.

  13. Red Icculus Says:

    From what I understand, pork jowl imparts more flavor and less fat that has to be skimmed than bacon. I’m not claiming to be a bacon and alcohol enthusiast or anything.

  14. Annie Says:

    I’m stickin’ with Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier. I am lazy and making this would be waaay too much trouble for me….

    mmmmmmmmm…….bacon beer…..

  15. billy sharpstick Says:

    i’m a homebrewer and started up a batch of this yesterday with about 14 oz of bacon. i followed your directions, (but i used everclear and ardbeg scotch whiskey) but also put the runoff fat into a separate container with vodka. i suspect that there is as much or more flavor in that fat as in the bacon itself. i suspect you can get a lot more flavor this way.
    either way, you have to remove the fat and oil from the alcohol.
    you could also stretch the flavor with some liquid smoke.
    this is a guaranteed hit at burningman!
    i’ll be bottling a batch of brown ale in a few days with some of this added. i’ll report in a few weeks.
    i also suspect i can dry the spent bacon out afterward and use it as a salad topping, too.

  16. ASTX813 Says:

    Holy shit, are you still planning on doing the BLT thing with a Randall at the Tomato Fest? I wasn’t planning on going, but I will SO change my mind if you’re going to be there with this!

  17. Sheriff Blalock Says:

    What ASTX813 said! People need to know!!

  18. Russ Says:

    Hey man,
    I gave you some props for your great homebrew recipe…



  19. therichieboy Says:

    Marry me please.

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  21. christellar Says:


    you rule.

    had to share this among many peeps.


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  23. olly j Says:

    yo dude, great idea. i’ve made bacon spirits a few times with varying results and have always been interested in a lower-alcohol percentage bacon drink.

    two tips to get more bacon flavor:

    1) dont dry the bacon grease off with a paper towel.the most flavor is in the grease, in fact some people only use the fat they render and dont even put in the actual meat (though that is waste in my opinion). you’re going to filter it anyway so i wouldn’t worry about getting fat in there as you’re already straining it.

    2) let it infuse for longer than 24 hours. like at least 3 or 4 if not a whole week. you’ll get a ton more flavor in there, and for all the work you’re doing filtering and bottling and shit, you want all the flavor you can get.

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  27. bierfesten Says:

    funny idea man.. great images.. but i’m not sure i’d want to try it other than for curiosity sake

  28. partyhats Says:

    Never has my morning started off any better than by reading this.
    I am in awe and love, maybe beer/bacon-struck.

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  33. Wu Says:

    Hmm for the filtering part you can try jelly filtering.
    This article is in italian but is useful for the images

    It is done like this, you get some jelly in sheet or powder and you make a jelly solution with the thing you want to filter at around 5% then you freeze everything in the freezer. After it is solid you move it to the fridge so that the liquid will start melting but the jelly will not and it will get you a really clear result. It is REALLY slow but it is a hand off method.

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  35. Coffeemaker Says:

    Very Nice! Can I use part of your article on my site with a linkback to you? Thanks 🙂

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  37. Amy Says:

    What a weird recipe! I can’t believe anyone has come up with this! I saw bacon flavored vodka in a gift shop once– it otally grossed me out. I can’t imagine what the beer tastes like!
    Kitchen Scales

  38. Adam Says:

    I’m trying a bacon beer homebrew next week. I was planning on adding the bacon concoction during secondary fermentation instead of bottling or drinking time. Have you tried this? Pros/cons??

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