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Pig Butchering Class

April 22, 2009

The other week I got hit up by my friend Lydia to fuck with this pig butchering class Ryan Farr was putting on. There was a problem though, I was on call for work and didn’t want to throw down on this shit if I had to worry about getting paged and having to bounce after 5 minutes. Lydia ended up rolling to that shit on her own and then sent me photos, it looks like a champ ass class. I’m regretting not manning that shit and going. After I got her email I asked her if I could post it up on GroceryEats, she said yes and now you have an email from Lydia on the internets.



Charlies got some new shit

April 11, 2009

Three New Drinks

I went by Charlies’ Pharmacy this afternoon after breakfast in the mission and found out they got some new drinks. They got the “Gettin Sloppy,” “Whatchamacallit” and “Obama.” I didn’t get to try any of them though, I got 3 months left on this no drinking thing some dumbass doctor has me on because of a reaction to a test for a disease that I don’t give a fuck about. Anyways yeah if you’re in the Fillmore holler at that Gettin Sloppy, shit looks retarded. Click here for a larger photo

Patrick Swayze Heats It Up

April 3, 2009


Introducing the Patrick Swayze Signature Series Cookware Collection.  (more…)