Patrick Swayze Heats It Up



Introducing the Patrick Swayze Signature Series Cookware Collection. 

You’re seeing this amazing small appliance here first, directly from my dude Matt’s kitchen.


With the turn of a (pretty nasty) knob you can adjust the microwave’s power from low to high based on Patrick’s past movie characters.


He’s throwing a Halloween party tomorrow night and costumes are required.  Yes, it’s April but Matt could give a fuck less because he’s got a Patrick Swayze microwave.


10 Responses to “Patrick Swayze Heats It Up”

  1. Sandy Says:

    that’s hot

  2. John M. Says:

    I can’t believe you actually tricked out your mike like that. Classic.

  3. missbhavens Says:

    Now THAT is dedication. Dedication to what, I do not know, but definitely something.

  4. MF Grocery Says:

    I seriously thought that shit was real the first time I saw it and laughed for at least 20 minutes like tears and shit.

  5. Hillary Says:

    You should market it, cause I would buy one for my husband!

  6. Patrick Swayze Microwave : Easy Idiot - get better knowledge Says:

    […] Grocery Eats […]

  7. MIKE 2600 Says:

    I like that they had to use a font for Patrick Swayze’s signature … on his signature microwave.

  8. rich Says:

    your blog was featured on

    thats big time.

    seriouseats looking for that street cred.

    good job guys.

  9. CeePee Says:

    yep, definitely a highlight of my day

  10. CeePee Says:

    Theres an inappropriate cancer joke in here somewhere

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