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Biscuit and Gravy Cheeseburger

May 20, 2009


A late night trip to Waffle House after our monthly homebrew club meeting resulted in this masterpiece. 



BYOSTF Party – STL Edition

May 19, 2009

We’re throwing down on Memorial Day and need some ideas for shit to fry.  A turkey fryer will be on premises while we’re brewing up the long-awaited malt liquor.   We’ll be looking for ideas on objects to fry and what to batter them with.  The best/viable concepts will be selected and I’ll post pics and results here.

Today I ate at a loading dock

May 12, 2009

I’d heard about Kitchenette from the internets a couple of times. It’s a spot out in the dogpatch, south of Mission Bay were I go a lot of times for work. As a result I was curious, then yesterday I saw their lunch menu for today: (more…)

Nacho Burger

May 9, 2009

I was checking the homie Matt Sonzala’s photos from Devin The Dude’s European tour when I saw this

now I don’t know who makes this, from the signage it looks like it might be some German Burger King shit. You figure Germans wouldn’t care about putting fucking nachos in a burger and calling in the fucking Pinata. It’s like they put all the bullshit that is Cinco De Mayo into a burger for pasty german youth. Whatever though, I guess it’s not that much of a stretch from chips in your sandwich.

If anyone has ever consumed this let me know how shitty german nacho burgers are because it sounds like a recipe for sucks.

Pig Out

May 4, 2009

Sunday I spent the afternoon watching this pig lose a battle to man with a knife. Ryan Farr and the folks over at Coffee bar set up this cutesy dinner where for 35 bucks you could watch him work the pig and eat it. I think you got some drinks or some shit too but I don’t fuck with old shitty grape juice. I hollered at some Big Daddy IPAs and watched him do his thing. (more…)