Nacho Burger


I was checking the homie Matt Sonzala’s photos from Devin The Dude’s European tour when I saw this

now I don’t know who makes this, from the signage it looks like it might be some German Burger King shit. You figure Germans wouldn’t care about putting fucking nachos in a burger and calling in the fucking Pinata. It’s like they put all the bullshit that is Cinco De Mayo into a burger for pasty german youth. Whatever though, I guess it’s not that much of a stretch from chips in your sandwich.

If anyone has ever consumed this let me know how shitty german nacho burgers are because it sounds like a recipe for sucks.


14 Responses to “Nacho Burger”

  1. Rob Says:

    They’re serving that shit in Burger King in Norway!

  2. SergDun Says:

    oh jesus they call it “mexican dressing” WTF is that bullshit? glorified gas station nacho cheese?

  3. JT Says:

    I couldn’t find shit on that Mexican Dressing… from the tiny illustration next to the nutrition info via the link provided by Rob, it looks like some simply ass chipotle mayo.

    But, in my search for more info… I stumbled upon this:

    … and apparently there is some outrage as to implications of “little spicy Mexican” but, in all honesty that thing looks like a tasty lil calorie nugget.

  4. skattis Says:

    Similar stuff in the UK right now.
    I guess I have to try it..

  5. Rob Says:

    I think I would try the Pinata before I eat a quesadilla burger from Applebee’s:

  6. Richardy Says:

    Quesadilla burger? So, basically, they took a regular burger and swapped the buns for tortillas. FUCKING GENIUS, Applebees. Kudos to you for being so adventurous in your amazing culinary creations. It really takes balls to replace one type of bread with a different type of bread.

    Also, what in god’s name is that giant chicken nugget shit on the Texican burger? I kept pausing the vid, and haven’t come up with a better answer than what appears to be breaded vomit.

    As for the Pinata, I’m not really a Whopper fan but I don’t see how tortilla chips and spicy sauce could make it all that much worse. At least it doesn’t have a vomit nugget on it.

  7. JT Says:

    In Applebees mediocre microwaved food-madness defense…

    They put some other shit in there like beans or something. I’ve had it, it does have a quesadilla flavor-theme to it… still your typical Applebees mediocre middle of the road, let’s please everyone, meal though.

    And, I think the chicken nugget looking thing is a chicken-fried steak contraption of some sort. Although, I have no solid evidence other than pausing the video a few times.

  8. CeePee Says:

    I was gonna say, the germans have created some atrocities in their time but dont go pointing your finger at them for this.

  9. SergDun Says:

    according to the site that nugget looking shit is a “delicious taco coated chilli con carne” I’m thinnking that’s code for just another patty that’s been dipped in a dorito crust.

  10. Richardy Says:

    Ahh. So it’s a quesadilla with ground beef then? Ehh. Either way, it’s still Applebees. haha. Spot on with the “let’s-please-everyone” description of their foods.

    Re: texican… if you can form chili con carne into a stable patty (and then bread it with “taco”), then that shit aint chili con carne. If anything, it should be straight up deep-fried real c-c-c, and when you bite into it, boiling hot chili spills out and gives you second degree burns on your lips and chin. That probably wouldn’t sell too well though.

  11. Hugo Says:

    I got a Colombian friend who lived in Norway for like six years.. They did survey all over the world to find out which country has nastiest cusine, and Norway finsihed second to UK… Also pretty much all norweigans has frozen pizza for supper most days of the week.. So, a pinata hamburger is really as good as i gets in Norway…

  12. Keith Says:

    I’m living in europe at the moment, and even their version of a “good” burger sucks, so, as you can imagine, what you’ve got a picture of (burger king) really blows. As you’d expect, its not what you see in the pic; glorfied nacho cheese and soggy tortilla chips.. its basically the definition of failure.

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  14. iPhone Says:

    Love the layout.

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