Today I ate at a loading dock


I’d heard about Kitchenette from the internets a couple of times. It’s a spot out in the dogpatch, south of Mission Bay were I go a lot of times for work. As a result I was curious, then yesterday I saw their lunch menu for today:

Dogpatch Menu: Tuesday 05/12

beer & orange braised pork torta organic pinto bean spread, avocado, queso fresco, pickled spring onions, cilantro, jalapeno…pickle jar cauliflower $8.50

long cooked broccoli baguette fromage blanc spring onion olivada $6.50

star route farms little gems cucumbers, roasted peppers, croutons $5.-

4505’s spicy chicharrones $3.-

maple bacon snickerdoodles $1.-

strawberry rhubarb refresher $2.-

I am a fan of tortas so it was going down. Rolled down there around 11:45 and saw a couple off people standing in front of a loading dock waiting. The setup isn’t anything fancy you walk up to the loading dock, order your shit and wait. They got some benches so you can chill there and eat or get it to go. I rode my bike down there so I ate on the bench. I ordered the torta, chicharrones, maple bacon snickerdoodle, and a strawberry rhubarb drink. I got the chicharrones, snickerdoodle and drink first. Kicked it on the bench while I waited for the torta.

I’ve had these 4505 chicharrones before and you should cop if you see them, a little bit of spice with that awesome crunch of fried cracklins, great stuff. The snickerdoodle was cool, I usually don’t fuck with cookies because I think that shit’s for kids. Regardless it was cool, not overly sweet with hints of bacon, well until I got to the middle and bit into the small piece of bacon in the center. That was kind of weird, not foul or anything just odd eating a cookie with a piece of bacon.

Then they brought out the torta with the pickled cauliflower on the side, that shit was dope. It was carrots, onions and a chunk of bayleaf sitting in the bottom that I got to spit out.  The pickle juice in there was good. The torta itself was looking kind of thin though, when I saw it wrapped up I started thinking “oh no these motherfuckers are making bitchass subway sandwiches.” Turns out they were just using baguettes.

I’m used to big fat tortas so a thin one had me in a panic for a minute, then I tasted it. My worries subsided as I chewed on super tender tasty bits of fatty pork. Their avocados with the pinto bean spread was nice and tasty, shitty tortas usually suffer from overwhelmingly bland shitty beans, this did not. The sandwich could have used more spice though, but that’s just me. I should have brought hot sauce.

Anyways if you’re out in the Dogpatch you should go fuck with this spot, the menu changes everyday, no line so it’s easier than trying to stuff your face with fried chicken at Hard Knox. They update their site almost everyday and you can holler at their twitter too. Their only open from 11:30am to 1:30pm so you can’t dick around too much, just get your shit and eat.


5 Responses to “Today I ate at a loading dock”

  1. Dollar Bin Says:

    Dang, I’ve got to hit that up—not many options down here in Mission Bay.

  2. SergDun Says:

    yeah man you can take the Lilac shuttle to Minnesota street and then just walk a few blocks over, it’s worth it.

  3. Dollar Bin Says:

    Well worth the stroll, today’s Indian style fried chicken sandwich:

    Lunch from Kitchenette

  4. Elliott Pronto Says:

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  5. Jeramy Zepka Says:

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