BYOSTF Party – STL Edition


We’re throwing down on Memorial Day and need some ideas for shit to fry.  A turkey fryer will be on premises while we’re brewing up the long-awaited malt liquor.   We’ll be looking for ideas on objects to fry and what to batter them with.  The best/viable concepts will be selected and I’ll post pics and results here.


14 Responses to “BYOSTF Party – STL Edition”

  1. JT Says:

    Fried: Meatloaf, Spare Ribs, Green Beans, Potato Cakes, Whatchamacallits, Pretzels, LUTHER BURGERS, Bananas, Spinach & Artichoke Cheese Balls, Cannelloni, French Toast.

    I am seriously thinking about trying to work out how to do these Spinach & Artichoke Cheese Balls. I think it might be the best idea I’ve had in a long time. It’ll sure as hell put Fried Mac & Cheese to shame if done correctly.

  2. Rob Says:

    How about making your own cracklins?

  3. MNHLE Says:

    Fried Fatty Melt. Burger twixt two grilled cheeses. Batter that sucker up good.

  4. cm Says:

    Breakfast sausage wrapped in cheese then wrapped in bacon then completely covered with pillsburghy biscuit dough. Jam it on a stick and fry. Food is almost always better on a stick.

  5. Solo Says:

    when is this muthafuckin gangsta party goin down?

  6. SergDun Says:

    deep fry jello shots, figure you can do it how ever the fuck they deep fry coke,

    sour patches, ice cream sandwich, moon pies, egg waffles dipped in batter served with fried chicken, Chili Relleno,

  7. MF Grocery Says:

    I wanna try deep fried mashed potatos served with carbonated gravy.

    Also looking into battering up individual slices of white bread for use on sandwiches.

  8. MF Grocery Says:

    @Solo: Read the fucking post you dipshit.

  9. Toner Huffer Says:

    Please. Please. Please fry a McGangbang Sandwich. (Chicken sandwich inside a double cheeseburger)

  10. MF Grocery Says:

    Maybe a big macchicken

  11. JT Says:

    Grocery, I might puke on your behalf if I see you consume a deep fried Big MacChicken… *shudders*. Just can’t stay away from that beastly thing, can ya? haha

  12. SergDun Says:

    I say you roll with the big mac chicken just to shut that pussy ass mc gangbang bullshit down

  13. MF Grocery Says:

    we didn’t do a big macchicken but my peoples fried up so crazy shit. I’ll post it up once all the photos get sent to me.

    Here’s a tease: laffy taffys dipped in funnel cake batter and fried. It was “interesting”

  14. JT Says:

    The spinach and artichoke joints didn’t go down this time around… I did all the research and found the right recipes to modify but, in the end I just didn’t wanna fuck with it w/out doing a trial run before-hand… and for numerous reasons… didn’t get to do a trial run.

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