Biscuit and Gravy Cheeseburger



A late night trip to Waffle House after our monthly homebrew club meeting resulted in this masterpiece. 

My homie Dave wanted biscuits and gravy and a cheeseburger, then decided it was probably a good idea to combine everything he liked about both into one hilarious sandwich.  I’m not going to explain whats on this shit because the picture speaks for itself.


LOL at the tomato.  I suggested adding the pickle and was given the “are you fucking serious” look.  Whatever though I would’ve included that shit and maybe some mustard or something.

I just had some Bert’s chili and half a bottle of Tabasco sauce plus longer than normal toilet time this morning.  Thanks Waffle House!


6 Responses to “Biscuit and Gravy Cheeseburger”

  1. Dracula766 Says:

    I quit going to Waffle House a dew years back once they started raising prices but goddamn that does look tasty.

  2. MT Eats Says:

    That looks delicious! I’m going to have to try one.

  3. Richardy Says:

    Deep fry.

  4. Sweet Baby Says:

    I luv me some Waffle House. Too bad they don’t have them around here… Why no hash browns on that thing? That would go well with the pickle… and mustard.

  5. Lala Rouzzo Says:

    Good blog, many amusing points. I think three of days ago, I have discovered a similar article.

  6. Biscuit Gravy Cheeseburger | Jon Is The Best Says:

    […] when Drew, Alec, and I went to waffle house for some late night foodstuffs. I remembered reading a post on Grocery Eats about a biscuit and gravy cheeseburger. Essentially a cheeseburger with a biscuit for a bun, with […]

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