We Eatin


My wife just put me up on these dudes We Eatin, they got a few youtube joints. This video is from their stop at Papalote with the homie Mr. E. One of the first dudes I met when I came to SF and dude was doing parties with quesadillas and djs, haven’t seen dude in a minute but he’s cool as shit. Anyways We Eatin is a couple of SBC dj dudes going around to spots in the bay and talking to cameras. They aren’t really talking all that much about the actual food but it’s amusing. In the phat philly one dude tells you they are on yelp like it’s suppose to be impressive, that’s like trying to brag about a myspace page. Whatever though the r&b slow motion montage is funny shit so that’s cool and jadakiss even did a drop for these dudes. Maybe Grocery can get a drop from nelly or something and we can battle these dudes. Peep game

2 Responses to “We Eatin”

  1. Hugo Says:

    Haha these dudes are hilarious.

  2. cutties say yeee!!! Says:

    invite em out to your’s or mf grocery’s kitchen and get a taste of that real food…

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