More pork in the park


plug1 over at whatimseeing took this photo.

Got to the park late but I liked my rub better this time, less paprika more cumin. Because I was running late I didn’t bother cutting the skin off, just said fuck it, rubbed it up and threw it on the grill. The running late part put a dent in my trying to get this 16lbs chunk of awesome up to 190 so it ended up more like chopped pork, still flavorful and juicy though. I’m really happy with my sauce this time around, I think I got that shit dialed in now. Got smart and wrote down an actual recipe for it too.

It took forever to finish but shit was worth it, boombox was blasting all day. Next to the bbq one of my favorite things to do is drink beer and listen to gangster rap blaring out of my boombox, well usually gangsta rap sometimes it’s metal. Whatever though, that shit is a good fucking time. Side note: watching people walk by as I blast Bitches On The Ding Dong is goddamn hilarious. I got hella pork in my fridge too, loving it.

One Response to “More pork in the park”

  1. plug1 Says:

    haha, the way you smushed that image makes you look 8 feet tall!

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