The Carmen Steak


My Italian godfather makes soppressada (or supersata) in his basement every fall. Being that he lives in North East Pennsylvania, he’s been experimenting with venison this past season.



They say 3oz. of that shit will take 3 years off your life. I mean it is some salty, hard salami-like, fatty stuff. They coarsely press the super, so it’s a lot rougher and more chewy than most salamis. And that it’s made with pork fat and venison, it has a gamier taste than any other super I’ve ever had.

A few slices and a piece of dry cheese along with a glass of wine have been said to be a great Tuscan summer meal. What do I know about Tuscany? Nay’than. I do know this stuff is good and needed to be mixed in a cheesesteak though.

I’ll let the pictures do the talking. The ingredients are pretty simple; steak um, prosciutto, supersata, onions, mushrooms, and some crazy cheese sauce, an egg, and a prayer.



4 Responses to “The Carmen Steak”

  1. Richardy Says:

    Wasn’t the super a bit chewy? A little tough in the mix of things? I could be completely wrong, but I don’t know if that would work texturally unless you sliced the super very thinly.

    Nevertheless, the end result looks as delicious as it does heart-stopping. What kind of bread did you use?

  2. mattbrains Says:

    Actually, there’s so much pork fat used to keep it together that it gets soft. The venison isn’t ground, it’s flat pressed. So after a few minutes in the frying pan the texture breaks down a lot. Had it not already been cut into pieces, I would have sliced it up really thin.

    I used a french baguette, I don’t know where to get Amoroso rolls in DC.

  3. SergDun Says:

    damn son, I’ve never even seen ragu chedder sauce, looks good though. Fried egg on top of anything is a banger.

  4. Richardy Says:

    Nice. How salty is the super? Also… yeah. Ragu cheese sauce is ridiculous. haha

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