Dos De Buche y Uno De Lengua


Dos De Buche Y Uno De Lengua

if you don’t know, buche is stomache lining, figured I should clear that up

I stopped in a Taqueria Vallarta for the first time in a long time. The first time I came here was on christmas years ago after kicking it at my friends radio show. My homie Marz knew they were open so we stopped by wrecked some tacos and then went across to the Treat Bar, which is no more, and put away some redneck special, shot of whiskey and a pbr for 3 bucks or something retarded. I hadn’t been since the taco cart got moved from the sidewalk to inside the restuarant. SF health inspector is a bitch like that, always fronting on someone for trying to slang good food on the street.

I’ve never had anything else there but tacos from the cart, it’s a good look too. Basically it’s a warming dome for tortillas and all around the base sits a variety of meats simmering away.  Add the salsa, cilantro, onions and whatever other accessories you need yourself. Super cheap, I think 3 tacos and a jarritos runs you like 3.25

not my photo, jacked it from flickr

3 Responses to “Dos De Buche y Uno De Lengua”

  1. Eric Says:

    3 tacos and a Jarritos for $3.25?? Insane. I wouldn’t eat anything else.

  2. cas Says:

    i thought tripe was the lining of the stomach. is buche spanish for tripe? it’s rubbery right?

  3. SergDun Says:

    tripe is cow, buche is pig. come on crackertino

    it’s rubbery when it sucks, firm though. If you get crunchy bits though, that’s when it’s awesome

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