We Can’t Be Stopped


Pork In The Park 3 went down, got to Dolores which has been undergoing a bit of a crackdown lately. I don’t really like cops or rules so I figured fuck it I’m posting up and doing the damn thing. I’ve done this a few times already and figured I should be cool set my shit up and got to work hella early. But apparently I didn’t expect the fucking atmosphere to try and shit on my parade of pork shoulder. Turns out San Francisco decided to have a goddamn thunderstorm for the first time in the history of the fucking universe. It was crazy as shit too, transformers exploding and fires from lightening strikes. The sky was not dicking arond this morning. I checked the weather though and it was suppose to clear up so I said fuck it and stuck it out. Sat in the truck and watched rain drops sizzle on my grill.

@sergdun Vietnamese cabby talking about “some crazy dude bbqin in the rain by himself at Delores early in the morning”. Ha.


Meat was doing fine regardless

While I could deal with the rain and all that bullshit what I couldn’t deal with was the fucking cops rolling up on me. I see dude strolling up with his fucking citation book and figure I should probably turn down Mack Attack and deal with this bullshit. Dude asks for id and checks the shit while he fills out his No Fun Allowed slip. He realizes my birthday is in a few days and gives me a break but tells me I got to move. I explain that I’ve done this before and the park dudes are cool with it as long as I clean up. He tells me the rangers are chickenshits and say that but then call the cops and cry about people bbqing & drinking in the park. Then dude gives me some retarded opened ended answer like telling me to pack it up and move “if you can.” If I fucking can? So I can stay?  He doesn’t give me an answer and basically it boils down to I can kick it but if his lieutenant comes through I’m getting a ticket and kicked out. I get on my phone and start trying to find another park that allows portable bbq’s. Well the city’s website fucking sucks dick like a motherfucker so I can’t come up on shit. Fortunately some friends stop by and I remembered about Mission Playground which is pretty fucking close by. I didn’t know if bbq’s were allowed but fuck it. that spot is usually just a spot for brown bag drinkers anyways. I load the grill in the back of the truck with the shoulder still on and we jet over to Valencia. Post up and get the fire going again. I lost about 40-60 minutes worth of cooking because of all the temperature drops and shit but whatever at least I was still cooking. The shittiest part about Mission Playground was that there weren’t any bathrooms and I was ready to crack some fucking beers. Turns out The Phoenix was across the street and they didn’t say anything when I hollered at their urinals so shit was all good. I got my meat going again but shit was on hella delay which totally fucked me up because at Dolores I was on fucking point, got there hella early and was evening planning to be able to let the shoulder rest for 30 minutes. The whole moving around shit just fucked me all up so I had to bring the fire up and start pushing the meat. I ended up with chopped pork as opposed to pulled but whatever it was still tasty as fuck. Especially those little fat nuggets of awesome.  I had a new knife as well which made short work of everything. I’ve been using my wife’s dull as fuck knives for 6 years now and decided to finally cop a new chef’s knife. I had a bunch of gift certificates so i used those fuckers up and grabbed this 8″ shun Best move ever, fucking shit I didn’t realize how much of a pain in the ass my old knives were. Seems like I should have made this move years ago but I don’t know I think more about buying tools than kitchenware (I really want a 36v bosch hammerdrill right now). Really though the main tools I real use for this shit is a grill, tongs, sauce, brush and some marathon beer. Anyways in the end everyone got fed, a little later but it went down. I had time to make a slaw right there and Ryan Farr dropped off some of his hotdogs, Acme buns and his money sauce. Those were lifesavers cause I was able to tide some people over with delicious hotdogs as they waited for the pork to take even longer. I don’t really have any photos of the final product because I was busy but I’m sure my friends took some. I’ll post them up when they get on the internets. It’s 9am on a sunday and I’m just banging this post out real quick because sleeping is boring.

and internet photos come through

19 Responses to “We Can’t Be Stopped”

  1. JT Says:

    Seems like anytime there is a good thing and plenty of people who enjoy it, there are just as many haters who can’t stand to see anyone enjoy anything.

  2. COOK_4_Me Says:

    nice! wish I could’ve been there…sounds fun!

  3. FRANK zappa Says:

    Such language! what would your mother say?

  4. SergDun Says:

    San Francisco is really turning into a city full of bitchmades who want to front on anything that could possibly be fun. The whole anything goes bullshit is a pr campaign to sell you shitty chinatown windbreakers. I get that people don’t want the park to look like a fucking dump but that means get some fucking trashcans, not cops. You want people to chill on portable bbqs, then put in more benches and grills.

    People are setting up their own shit because the park lacks the facilities to be used the way people want to and are using the park. I mean fuck I was on the sidewalk and these idiots wouldn’t let me kick it. I don’t get how this can be that difficult of an issue to resolve but instead we got people dicking around with bullshit committees instead of just fixing obvious problems.

    The city just keeps ruining things that make people smile.

  5. Pat Holmes Says:

    I don’t know if you ever want to go back to Dolores Park to do this again after dealing with the cops, but if you do you should see about parking your BBQ behind your truck in a parking space. I think it is all day parking on weekends and there is nothing saying it has to be an automobile that is parked there. So park your bbq with some space for standing between it and your truck and you will not be bbqing in Dolores Park. On the other hand cops might just get pissed at you for being smart

  6. SergDun Says:

    yeah I thought about doing that also, problem was my parking spot was tight as it was, considered moving across the street but mission playground was a better situation (benches and tables) and I didn’t think dolores would be that cracking with the weather.

  7. Richardy Says:

    Congrats on the Shun. Those things are fucking expensive but are worth every penny. Check up on knife maintenance if you haven’t already to keep it in good shape (although your Shun will hold its edge longer than most knives since they’re forged using some of the best steel alloys ever created)

    If you need a knife that’s sharp as hell but don’t want to worry if you somehow destroy it, hit up a Victorinox-Forschner. They’re stamped as opposed to forged, but still high-carbon stainless so their edge holds up pretty well (just need to hone the blade on a steel more often). the blade is polished as well so even when it starts to dull a little, there’s almost no cutting resistance, which is really nice.

  8. SergDun Says:

    yeah I had $75 worth of gift certificates from work so copped the shun, it’s so nice and makes me want to cook more

  9. loincloth Says:

    when is the next pork in the park?

  10. SergDun Says:

    I think I’ll bang out one more in october. after that the weather might be too shitty, we’ll see what up in november

    • loincloth Says:

      Ya I’m thinkin with the way the weather’s been all el nino I think we’ll have a sweet indian summer.
      Hopefully I’ll hear about it ahead of time instead of after.

  11. diane Says:

    you left out the part where the fire department came by for a brief visual inspection.

  12. Crowder Says:

    pork looks good, shame about your juvenile attitude towards a cop that was actually being a good guy. But hey, you’re a pork rebel, don’t let the man get you down (even when he’s not!).

  13. SergDun Says:

    when did I actually say anything about the cop? please point that out because I don’t see it. My only issue really is that I don’t like worthless vague answers just be direct, other than that I didn’t say anything bad about this guy.

  14. Ian Says:

    Gonna get you onna these so that you can take it whereever, whenever… 🙂


  15. pistol pete Says:

    I’m pretty apathetic to your situation with the pigs. Idiots in skinny jeans with artsy tattoos and stretched ears on single speeds/fixies trash Dolores park every weekend.

    Stop surfing Ryan Farr’s nutsack so hard. There is nothing remarkable about hot dogs.

    Repeated use of “fuck” and “shit” doesn’t help articulate your point, it makes you sound like an idiot.

    You wasted your money on that knife.

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