And I present you the Zilla Burger


no relation to TumZilla. This is one of Ryan Farr’s joints that he was serving this past Sunday at Elixir where he is usually curb serving some champ ass fucking hot dogs. You can see a regular burger in the background.  This wasn’t even mine, my friend Kyle rocked this motherfucker. It’s basically a Farr’s double cheesebuger with money sauce and a mountain of chicharron piled on top.

The regular ones are not that big of a burger which is nice cause you can put away a few but it’s bigger than a shitty slider though. I had a regular burger and a zilladog which is his own hotdog with chicharron, kimchi, money sauce on an acme roll. Both were on point as fuck, the meat in the burger was so fresh and right off the grill gave it such a banging flavor. I definitely cosign the fuck out of this burger.  I thought about getting the zilla burger too but decided against getting fat as fuck this weekend, I already had plenty of pork to polish off at home.  At some point though I am definetly going to put that zillaburger in my stomach.

6 Responses to “And I present you the Zilla Burger”

  1. cwu Says:

    What’s the beige goodness at the top of the pile? Looks crispy.

  2. SergDun Says:

    chicharrones aka pork rinds aka crispy clouds of awesome

  3. Richardy Says:

    Farr’s chicharrones are excellent. I would put them on a chocolate cake, if I’m honest with you… to have them on top of an already epic burger, well, that’s just brilliant.


  4. Bobby Says:

    Yo, I need to rep this joint when I’m in SF!

  5. GreenLightJerky Says:

    Ryans Chicharones are the best ive ever tasted. they are ultra light and crispy and the flavor changes from sweet to salty to sour. Amazing!

    His hotdogs are an absolute must have!
    I have not eaten at elixer but I see it in my future!

  6. Hungry Huy Says:

    Chicharrones on a BURGER. Why didn’t I think of that! Next time I’m in the bay…. yum.
    What about chicharrones in a salad. or soft taco. or Chicharrones fried chicken coating. I’m on it.

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