Mission Burger


I threw this up on twitter like a month ago but never posted it here. Anyways I went to Mission Burger in august, it was good. Fries were my favorite part about it though, they were fucking perfect. Not that the burger was weak or anything, it’s a damn good burger, but mayne hold up, those fries were the knock. If you’re around 18th and Mission during lunch time holler at dudes. I want to put this food inside of my mouth again.

4 Responses to “Mission Burger”

  1. Richardy Says:

    hey man those kind of look like normal french fries… what makes them so legit? are they seasoned or something

  2. SergDun Says:

    that’s the thing they really reminded me of mcdonalds fries but better. Given I haven’t had McDonalds in years but these had a crisper crunch, better flavor and a good amount of saltiness. It’s like mcdonalds without the bullshit. I hated how fast those mcdonalds fries would get cold and limp. It’s just a really good simple french fry

  3. rachel Says:

    post more often!!!

  4. junbelen Says:

    Huge fan of Mission Burger and fries. A bit salty but I love salt! And I love good grease, too. The fries are amazing!

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