Iron Brewer Competition


Last night our homebrew club got together for our monthly meeting and we judged the 16 Iron Brewer entries for round 1.  My Fruity Pebbles beer somehow won and I’m moving to the 2nd round.  I suppose it paid off for getting the fucking shaft on the last round because I landed coconut extract as the secret ingredient for round 2.  The other dudes got stuck with peppermint extract, anise and blue agave syrup.

Seriously, peppermint extract? I feel for you guys that have to dick with this.  If I pulled anise from the hat I probably would have forfeited since I can’t stand that shit.

The real coincidence here is that a coconut milk stout was next in line for me to brew if I lost the last round.  Last month I stopped by Town Hall Brewery in Minneapolis and had a special release called “Three Hour Tour“.  It’s a coconut milk stout that since my first drink has had me fiending to brew something similar.  I’ve reached out to one of the brewers up there for recipe and process hints on their beer.  Hopefully they’ll call back.

As for the Fruity Pebbles wheat beer, local St. Louisans are more than welcome to get some of this shit since I need to make room for beers that I’ll actually drink.  Serg- I’m sending your shit out once it get’s bottled.


8 Responses to “Iron Brewer Competition”

  1. JT Says:

    Send me a text if/when your available this weekend and I’ll come pick up some of that Fruity Pebbles joint for Sandy and myself.

  2. Mike Says:

    If you can hold a couple bottles until next time we get over to St. Louis, we’d like to review it on Hoosier Beer Geek … if you’re interested. And I don’t forget I left this comment.

    I mean, you don’t know me or anything, but it might be entertaining anyway.

  3. MF Grocery Says:

    I’ll set some aside for you Mike.

  4. SergDun Says:

    dude you don’t fuck with anise? I got a recipe for blackbeans that’s awesome with that shit

  5. MF Grocery Says:

    If it tastes like black licorice I ain’t having it. We’ll see if I come around, though.

  6. Sandy Says:

    I’ll skip the fruity pebble beer, but thanks for letting me try it – I’m seriously wanting to take you up on the other stuff we talked about tho. 🙂 And – yeah, I agree anise is nasty

  7. J. Wilder Says:

    Well, I finally made things official and got myself a wordpress account. No more posts under JT… and no more abstract sunshine design as my “gravatar” (which I didn’t even know that was a word prior to creating an account).

    And about the fruity pebble beer… nothing fruity about it at all. But, thanks for bringing some to try.

    You were right about the Choc-Hazelnut beer. It is starting to sour. But, Sandy and I found that if you let it settle and warm to room temperature, the sour taste goes away.

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