Tamale Day is coming


it’s going to be epic. this is number 6 and we are going to be robbing motherfuckers for tamale money.

8 Responses to “Tamale Day is coming”

  1. JT Says:

    You need to come visit Grocery and host a tamale day here.

  2. Noel Says:


  3. Amy Says:

    squeeeeeeee…..food porn.

  4. mattbrains Says:

    When is Tamale day officially? I’m going to take an intercontinental stab at making some and follow up with my antics.

  5. MF Grocery Says:


    • JT Says:

      For real, we need to organize a tamale day. Maybe sometime in the spring? You know I been wanting to make some legit tamales for a year and lack the drive to get up off my ass and do it solo. So, it’s time to tag in!

  6. SergDun Says:

    This year it’s going down December 5th.

    it changes every year, but I always try to keep it in december

  7. Hugo Says:

    My man just dropped of some mazarina and we’re making tamales next week, I will try and do it the 5th to really make it a INTERNATIONAL TAMALE DAY.

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