Xmas Shopping Edition – Exotic Meats


This email is to confirm the receipt of your recent order from Exotic Meat Market.Com.

Name                       Code        Qty    Each  Options

Exotic Meat Gold Sampler   EMS4            1  120.00
Holiday Exotic Meat Steak  HEMSS          1  120.00
Subtotal  240.00
Shipping   52.73
Total  292.73

Product Description

Holiday Exotic Meat Steak Sampler includes 1 lb of Kobe Beef Top Sirloin Steak, 1 lb of Buffalo Top Sirloin Steak, 1 lb of Elk Steak, 1 lb of Antelope and 1 lb of Llama Steaks.

Product Description

Exotic Meat Gold Sampler includes; 1 lb. of Crocodile Sirloin Meat, 1 lb. of Alligator Sirloin Meat, 1 lb. of Kobe Beef Top Sirloin Steak, 1 lb. of Antelope (Nilgai) Meat and 2 lbs of Kangaroo Loin Meat.

A little expensive, but I’m going to do some research and give the meats as gifts with a recipe attached.

7 Responses to “Xmas Shopping Edition – Exotic Meats”

  1. joe Says:

    this makes me so happy. i love the holidays. that first picture must be kangaroo steak?

  2. mattbrains Says:

    I just realized that this post spoils an xmas surprise for some people

  3. SergDun Says:

    so you’re using meat receipts to floss your paper? I think we might have a new level of balling to the highest level of bosstivity here

    if you don’t understand bosstivity please see Dirty States Of America for reference

    • J. Wilder Says:

      “using meat receipts to floss your paper”

      That shit needs to be in some swaggalicious 16 bars that ends with a death threat. 😉 Cause that IS baller as fuck… and a death threat at the end would definitely make the entire package… BOSS.

      Big thangs poppin off @ groceryeats.com.

  4. FrankieBank$ Says:

    man… i was going to try and hook up some lion meat for a little party time cookin’ session, but a $299.99 per steak i could have nearly afforded an african safari to go murk one myself. this seems like a great alternative to get my exotic meat game on… could see myself taking out 6 or 7 fosters oil cans and getting loose with that kangaroo loin…

  5. Yon Lipps Says:

    Great post mate! Wheres the subscribe button? Haha

  6. Moriah Kunter Says:

    This was an interesting read, I’m always on the lookout for great articles and blog ideas so thanks. I’ve bookmarked this article so I’ll keep in contact!

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