Beef Shank and Smoked Lengua Sandwich, shaved Brussels Sprouts, with a Fried Egg on a Omega Olive Oil roll

Crispy Deep Fried Mac and Cheese

I like the Ferry Building on Thursdays

6 Responses to “Lunch”

  1. Amy Says:

    ohhhmahgahhh….the egg! I’m salivating!

    (I made tamales all by my lonesome today. *cracks whip* Yeahhhhhh)

  2. Dollar Bin Says:

    That sounded good, but I wasn’t quite recovered from the previous week’s Hot Gut Deluxe

  3. SergDun Says:

    yeah I’m salty I didn’t make it for the hot gut deluxe, couldn’t bail on work for lunch that day

  4. Not a caveman Says:

    Clean your fingernails, broke ass trash

  5. Craving: Beef Shank + Smoked Lengua Sandwich | FOODBEAST - Because we're hungry. Says:

    […] Some people get aroused with drugs, some with a nice video clip found in the depths of the Internet (hey, don’t count me out on this though!), but for me, it’s pictures like this that get me going! We’re looking at an amazingly disgustingly sensual picture of a beef shank and smoked lengua sandwich, sitting on brussel sprouts, topped with a punctured fried egg and sitting between two halves of an Omega Olive Oil roll. My guess is, you’re probably craving this now too! (PicThx GroceryEats) […]

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