My White Castle Turducken (Updated)


I’ve been talking shit about this for a while but finally decided to create this masterpiece.

Sarah was in charge of the stuffing.  She based it off the White Castle Cook-Off winning recipe, which we scaled up to meet the demands of our turkey bag.

I fucked around deboning these birds for an hour and a half, during which I swore relentlessly to never do again.  Never having done this before I checked out some really horrible youtube videos and decided to try to get the turkey carcass out in one piece.  I managed to get it out without splitting the skin and the turkey was ready to be stuffed with the duck and chicken that I destroyed.  You really need to have a ridiculously sharp knife to do this shit- which I didn’t.

So yeah, I forgot that I didn’t have anymore butcher’s twine but luckily I had some elastic poultry ties that seemed to work.

This turd is now sitting in the oven at 250F.  We have a party to go to at 6pm and I really hope this fucker is done in time.

Yeah this shit turned out pretty damn good.  It ended up taking 8.5 hours.  I also found out that my fucking thermometer is reading 4F lower than it should so this shit was a bit drier than I’d like it to be.  Overall the flavor was there and the stuffing was banging but it def could have benefited from some type of injection or basting (which I didn’t do).  Who gives a shit though, there were burgers in my turducken.

Here are some real sexy pics:

We’re dipping into the leftovers now, and as expected the ass end of those birds are tasting much better than the white meat.


7 Responses to “My White Castle Turducken (Updated)”

  1. kanezo Says:

    Dude, 250F? What, are you cooking it for freakin’ 10 hours? It looks good but I wouldn’t have the patience for it. Hope it comes out OK.

  2. SergDun Says:


  3. Craving: White Castle Stuffed Turducken | FOODBEAST - Because we're hungry. Says:

    […] What’s a turducken you ask? It’s generally-speaking, a deboned turkey, stuffed with a deboned duck that is  itself stuffed with a small, deboned chicken breast. This time around, we’re looking at a turducken filled to the brim with an award winning White Castle Turkey Stuffing recipe consisting of 10 White Castle burgers sans pickles, diced celery, ground thyme, ground sage, coarse black pepper and chicken broth. The final project was put together by the MF Grocer. […]

  4. J. Wilder Says:

    Snacked on some Sandy brought me the other day. Unfortunately was too busy to actually enjoy it but, the few bites I had were a nice treat before being engulfed by the corporate workflow tsunami that soon followed.

  5. MG Says:

    I will have to try this – I have made turducken 3 times now and every year I swear I won’t do it again but do it anyway. Each year we add another meat – started w/ standard, then added bacon, then quail. The guide I used to debone is – it seems fitting.

  6. 10 Bizarre And Awesome Turkey Recipes For Thanksgiving | Says:

    […] 6. White Castle Turducken Turkey stuffed with duck stuffed with chicken stuffed with White Castle burgers. (From Grocery Eats) […]

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